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Zuko & Toph commish!

Ninjatic finished my avatar pic \o\o/o/

I needed a darker background for printing, so with permission I recolored the image with a blue backdrop instead.

Small versions to spare your flists:

The lemony green original is for computer staring and the dark teal is for printing XD
*__* AWESOME. Man, those two are so kickass, and I love how this picture expresses that, and even though it's 'stationary' there is so much movement in it and the positioning of the bodies says so much about their personalities *gushes* that painting is sooooo awesome. :D:D!
This was the most dynamic version out of the sketches and I think that's probably the reason Ninjatic had fun with it ^_^

I had a complete concept behind the piece but I have a feeling people's eyes will glaze over as they read it hahaha

Ohhhhh tell me! I love hearing that kind of stuff, sometimes it gives the art that much more depth because it opens up new ways to look at it :DD!
Lol, well this is what I sent Ninjatic. Unfortunately the grownup!Zuko and Toph didn't quite work out for him but everything else did :)


About Toph after the series:
This is how I picture it...Toph is in her late teens, early twenties. She tends to be a bit of a vagabond, exploring the world, having adventures etc. but returns to the Fire Nation for important events and also visits Aang, Sokka, etc. when she can since they're pretty much family for her. She's kick ass and awesome and doesn't really answer to anybody.

I really want her as a young ADULT - between 19 to 24 yrs old.

About Zuko after the series:
Since Zuko is the Fire Lord a the age of 16 he isn't going on adventures anytime soon, so as time goes by, he might actually look back at his adventures while in exile/on the run as the good old days.

He's happy to have Mai with him but I'm not sure if Mai wants to be stuck with court duties for the rest of her life. Sure, she'd take care of her responsibilities but she might not be...satisfied as such. It might take a decade, but I do see her moving on.

And then Zuko is alone and in need of company which he finds in Toph ^_^ Who would be about 22 by that time (and the 4 year difference between them isn't as big a deal)


There might be a political coupe - or Zuko just goes on a diplomatic visit to Earth Nation or the Water Tribes. Toph tags along.

In any case, they are attacked and the picture is from waist up and they're in their 20s and back to back but facing forward ( a 'V' formation?) and Zuko has his sword(s) out maybe and Toph is in her earth bending stance. They've got each other's back and they're a team/duo.
Thank you ♥ ♥ He's got fabulous skills and am so pleased with how it turned out!

I know I'll end up staring at the poster and daydreaming about the possibilities XD

WHY HELLO THERE, MY NEW DESKTOP WALLPAPER. I hate to say it, but I think I love the teal one better *__*

When I thought of the concept, it had been a night scene, and while the lemon green has more punch, I can definitely stare at the teal one much longer...and daydream XD
Zuko is incredibly, incredibly hot. his FIST, and his forearm, and oh god. And Toph is very.. very Toph. :D
Zuko has his Rage!fu going on and Toph is all calm and I-can-kick-ass-with-style XD BUT BOTH AWESOMESAUCE