* twiddles fingers

Last time for the day...

Edit: all done with the poll so now only icons up XD




Feel free to use with credit (me for icon & ninjatic @ DeviantART for art)
- (Anonymous)
- (Anonymous)
No probs, I just posted up the commish in the entry before and I pimped both the icons and it within a few hours of each other - I figured others would make the connection lolol
Snagging a couple of these beauties! (I just finished Avatar and now I am hunting for Zuko/Toph anything <_<)
Lol, YAAAAAAY! Zuko and Toph and seriously a rare pair but they pwn so hard! I wish there were some decent fics with them D:
I'm still upset that Toph got cheated out of her life-changing field trip with Zuko. IT IS SO UNFAIR ;_;

And if they got together Iroh would be so happy! DESTINY. :D :D :D
Beautiful icons (and pairing)! <3 Will be grabbing a couple. Thanks for sharing~