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Bah D:

[001] When I got sick last weekend, my schedule kinda got thrown out of wack so now I'm trying to catch up on several things on the RL front. This week is going to be especially hectic, so if I'm supposed to be doing something, e-mail me a reminder over the weekend, since by then I should have a more concrete idea of what I'll be doing when on the fandom side of things. My board on the wall is covered with things that need doing so just need to sort them out into a workable list.

[002] Hate moving D:

[003] Capped the whole Ookiku Furikabutte series here. Also capping Kuroshitsuji here and Soul Eater here. Next up is XXXholic and Fullmetal Alchemist. Thank god for automated capping OTL

[004] Does anyone know where you could get decent passport photos? Kinkos takes awful pictures and I don't have much faith in Wallmart. Don't mind a slightly higher price if it gets me a better and more balanced picture.
Hmm. When I got my passport, the picture was done at the office place where you applied for one.

What media player do you use to take caps? I'm on a mac, and pretty much the only one I've found is VLC, which is a darling, but not terribly good for screencaps.
Hmm, I don't need a passport on anything but just photos for an application so I don't think that option is available to me D:

I got frameshots - it's not a players, just an automated screencapping program ^^
You can get them at just about any drugstore. CVS ($7.99--depending on the store and the machine type, they give you a sheet of six pictures for that amount), Rite Aid, Walgreens, they all do them...also, if you check with the local post office, they do them too (and they're guaranteed to be right, although it'll definitely run you more $ there. I think it's like $12.50 or something similar to that.)

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Kinkos just grabs a digicam, makes you sit and takes a picture. Does CVS do the same? Back in asia, when we want passport photos, we'd go to a back room in a Kodak store and they have the additional lights for photos with better balance and color...
Nope, they just grab a digicam too. I think you're going to be hard pressed to find a place where they'll have additional lights. ^_^;; Cause I know the post office and the rest of the drugstores just use a regular old digital camera and a white backdrop on the sales floor too.

Possibly try calling a Mailboxes etc.? They might?
I normally use Walgreens, but honestly I don't think I've ever taken a good passport photo in my life so I can't say.