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Holy crap.

We've come to a point where a person has gotten arrested for having certain graphic yaoi manga in their book collection.

maderr pointed out the article, which can be found here and Neil Gaiman is quoted over here.

If there is a conviction...what this could mean on a larger, long term scale.

This is just one giant ball of WTF to me.
I thought this was in the UK or something (where I'm incredibly fuzzy on obscene!laws et all) and then I read...Iowa? What?
Wow, I was thinking Alabama. But Iowa?

That poor guy. He is just an anime geek and even if he is found innocent he is going to have to move. There is nothing worse than those types of charges.
seriously? what is the world coming to. thats
This really reminds me of the whole Little Sisters battle out in British Columbia -- they had huge issues getting gay literature and magazines across borders and through Customs. Canada Customs still likes to seize GLBTQ things too - as we discovered this past Christmas.
I feel that this is a violation of property or something. It's not like it was 'real kids' -- it's just drawn! images. -_-

And one thing she didn't mention is that if he's found guilty, this could make the distribution of some scanlations a felony. O_O

This is just simply asinine, and a bad law and a bad administration full of homophobes and prudes behind it. I've heard that Alberto Gonzalez fired all those prosecutors before because they were unwilling to go after cases like this. Hopefully with the new administration there will be some sanity, and people will remember that individuals have rights.

This makes me very angry. I hope this case doesn't set a bad precedent. Have people so lost their perspective that they've forgotten the freedom that the US stands for?
The problem is, he's not collecting real child pornography; they're all animeish depictions of people - so naturally, they'll look young, when they're in fact NOT, so why should he be facing those charges? Damn.