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Active Layout Makers

  1. If I need a layout for comms or anything, I head over to thefulcrum (layouts by grrliz). Most people are familiar with it, but if you somehow managed to miss it, this is the community to friend (or track or add to feeds, lol). Whether it be smooth sailing or bloggish or expressive, the variety of layouts is second to none.

    Layout Picks: 1 | 2 | 3 (just picked from the first page, 'cause there is SO much awesome)

  2. fruitstyle (layouts by malionette) is a favorite out of the newer active layout makers because unlike 99% of them, the comm has layouts on smooth sailing, opal as well as the ubiquitous flexible squares. No sticking to one S2 style.

    Layout Picks: 1 | 2 | 3

  3. spire (layouts by daemon) is another favorite - in this case, I see the layout, go "shiny!" and then notice the username. Also does layouts with a number of s2 styles ^_^

    Layout Picks: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  4. minty_peach (layouts by miiiintz) is THE flexisquares layout maker IMO. If you've seen her stuff, then you've probably seen what most FS layouts look like. Insanely popular comm.

    Layout Picks: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Single Picks from other active layout makers - who focus on flexible squares and in one or two cases, smooth sailing.

allwashedout [ PICK ]
novaless [ PICK ]
refuted [ PICK ]
toyhouse [ PICK ]
refutare [ PICK ]
milou_veronica [ PICK ]
biconic [ PICK ]

It's worth checking mintyapple and freelayouts periodically to find fresh stuff. There are a lot of layout makers out there.
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mintyapple, not minty_apple

Oh, la. You freaked me out. :P

Great post! I didn't know about fruitstyle.

I swear, I make a post, then need to edit it half a dozen times 'cause of them >_
- (Anonymous)
LOL, I *started* making Bloggish layouts for clone!journal use XD Otherwise, I'd have just jumped straight to expressive. It was more for friends who post on both and wanted something pretty for IJ et all (most stuff tends to look very sucky on those D:)
- (Anonymous)
HAHAHHA - it's sad, but when I think IJ, I automatically think fugly site. That old grey interface turned me off of it >_> But then I think of the guys who got banned on lj and...D:

Always wanted to do wordpress though so if you ever get around to it, will probably learn vicariously through you (esp if you do a tutorial or two XD) My own attempts failed long before I even started lolol
*repeatedly headdesks* I forgot about thrashmetal! Thanks for the note! Must add in.

Had noticed the others, but usually peeps either just started layouts, are inactive or I haven't found something that really makes me go *_*
However did you know I have been layout shopping this week? :) Thank you, some of these I had never heard of (fruitstyle seems particularly promising).
Thanks so much for this entry - I'm always looking for great layouts!