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It's times like this...

...I srsly miss asia.

Where in the US, can we get passport sized photographs taken like this:

(snagged from here)

Never realised what a difference those additional lights make to a photo until I started getting them from Kinkos *shudder* And they give, what, 2 photos for $15?

What happened to the option of getting a dozen photos plus the negatives for making future copies? Ok, so digital is instant, but surely there's a way to get the file for future printings or something.

And I need 8 photos, not just 2. That would be about $50. Bloody hell. Even Wallmart et all charge about $7 for 1 or 2 photos ;_;

Edit: Am looking into Sears which might have additional lights - 8 pics for $40. Messaged a local studio but no response just yet.
It's a shame you're not in Calgary cuz I could point you to a few places that still do it like that. That's where I got mine done way back when. And where we had chibi's done for his Canadian passport.

Are there any photographic studios in like...the Yellow pages or online or something that you can call and ask if they do this sort of thing? Tho I imagine that'll be expensive anyway... :(

Thanks for the pointer! I was going to call a place at the mall, but I'll look up some spots on the yellow pages for options and pricing. I'd rather pay extra and get a bigger set of 15 to 20 that way and not have to deal with this for the next few years >_>
What a rip. :| You could get one photo taken, then scan and upload it to kodakgallery.com and get extra prints mailed to you (it's very inexpensive). Or use one of the Kodak stations at Walmart and do it yourself instantly.
Oooh, that's pretty cool! After calling up a few places, I'll check at the local photo areas of heb and wallmart for wheher they print out stuff passport photo sized.
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*shrug* Don't know. What I do know is that they advertise taking official passport photos as one of their services, and here in PA, it's a strip of 10 for about $10. (If you're a PA resident, I believe.)
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It's a good thing, except in the past year, I've gone to Kinkos 3 times for photos and while I didn't look much different, the photos managed to suck in many different ways (especially on colorbalance - oversaturated and exposure too high)

Even the ones at the Uni have a triod at the very least. Kinkos? They don't even have that. Though all I really want are the additional lights ;_;
Tut tut! You mean you want to look good in your passport photos, and deprive people of having a laugh at your expense? :D

I think my best ID card photo was my university one - they took it with a webcam and, because I have pale skin, I came out so white I almost blended into the background. I still have it somewhere because it makes me laugh so much to see it. Ghost!Rachel :)
My current option is $40 at Sears' Portraits for 8 pictures. Some day though, I'll go to Glamour Shots, spend $160 to get the file and make as many copies as I need XD

If the local studios don't have good options, will head to Sears on Friday.

(I'll have you know, my passport photos are always lol worthy, but not usually because of bad lighting and color saturation XD)

Blending into the wall is better than an orange balloon though :P
Hello, delurking because I recently had to get passport photos myself.

Have you tried CVS? They gave me a sheet of 4 photos for $7/8 if I remember correctly. Granted, it won't solve your lighting problem, but it's cheap at least.
Yeah, Sears seems to do the same and might have additional lights too - so its probably the best option for the moment...

Thanks for the fb though :)