Goss (gossymer) wrote,

It's times like this...

...I srsly miss asia.

Where in the US, can we get passport sized photographs taken like this:

(snagged from here)

Never realised what a difference those additional lights make to a photo until I started getting them from Kinkos *shudder* And they give, what, 2 photos for $15?

What happened to the option of getting a dozen photos plus the negatives for making future copies? Ok, so digital is instant, but surely there's a way to get the file for future printings or something.

And I need 8 photos, not just 2. That would be about $50. Bloody hell. Even Wallmart et all charge about $7 for 1 or 2 photos ;_;

Edit: Am looking into Sears which might have additional lights - 8 pics for $40. Messaged a local studio but no response just yet.

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