I should just specify in my profile that 99% of my memes are by way of bzzinglikeneon

Made by epicfail

I've been using 3 different icons with this particular amatsuki!image as my default for a few months now. It's a feel good icon with a mellow smile :) This is the winter version.
Fandom: Amatsuki

Made by broomsticks

My first baby!icon - how could I resist Sunny?
Fandom: Series of Unfortunate Events

Made by me

I have 10 icons I consider 'happy'. This is the one I use when I'm super excited and definitely the happiest.
Fandom: XXXholic

Made by pixation

When I think depression and awful, awful things, I think of this icon, period.
Fandom: Supernatural

Made by me | art by Ninjatic

I love having commissions as icons and this one is my Trying To Be Helpful icon. All I can think is that even if Toph and Zuko save the day - there's going to be quite a bit of collateral damage >_>
Fandom: Avatar

Made by blimey_icons

Another classic, my insanely pissed!icon.
Fandom: Random comics (Calvin)

Angriest - FANDOM
Made by me

A variation of this was made for Terminus, but I started using this one because of Macross Frontier >_<

Made by inquisitory @ estheticons

About 30 of my icons could fall under the cute!category, since they're all chibis, animals, babies and anime characters. So. This was hard. But then I realised chibi!Sunako pwns EVERYTHING XD

Perhaps it's my childhood love for the Addams Family. Sunako would probably LOVE to be adopted by them -__- She'd fit right in, and her chibi form makes me all \o/
Fandom: The Wallflower - anime

Made by moyashi_icons

Have 5 funny!icons, but this one probably has the most relevance to me. SHORT PEOPLE UNITE.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Favorite Ship
Made by me

*gasp* It's HET! Well, yes, I do have a few het!OTPs. Zuko/Toph is one of them, especially grown up Zuko/Toph :) Toph is such a guy and Zuko is such a girl - they're perfect together XD
Fandom: Avatar

Favorite Fandom
Made by gunfair

At the moment, I don't really have a fandom, but am frollicking in general slashy goodness whenever I can.

Icon used the most
Made by broomsticks

It's my oldest icon for a reason XD

Favorite of the moment
Made by heygraphics

It's my most used new!icon actually.
Fandom: Loveless

Favorite overall
Made by sushicolour

Yes, it's all about the babies for me >_>

How many icons do you have total? 106

How many can you have? 114

If you could buy space for more, would you? The number of posts whining/squeeing/sighing about additional userpics should be answer enough.

Do your icons make a statement about you? I like icons that convey a sentiment/emotion. This is often best expressed with chibis and babies and characters in shows who display extreme emotions in particular scenes. Also have a handful of text and stock icons I use to death.

What fandom do you have the most icons of? Avatar, I think.

The second most? FMA, Soul Eater and HP probably.

What ship do you have the most icons of? At a grand total of...2? Zuko/Toph. All hail the multi-shippers!

How do you categorize your icons? Quick explanation:

* asterix followed by a word or phrase explaining the sentiment/emotion of the icon
Anime/AMP/multi/Avatar/HP - followed by further categorization or the sentiment/emotion

Are your icons mostly made by other users? Yes

Do you make icons? Yes

Are they any good? I like to this so, but I know I need to work at it.

Animated icons are: usually quite annoying.

In general I think icons are: Brilliant ways to express oneself.

Also did a variation of this meme back in July!
That should be like 'I'm just vertically challenged' or something. lol. *shot*

Hmm, I feel like doing this again since I just got several new icons over the past few weeks.

DO IIIIIT - I love looking back and seeing how icons in the same memes change with time :)
lol! *pets* Don't worry, I won't tease the little bean too much.

Maybe later. I was going to do it last night but it slipped my mind.
I didn't know you liked Loveless! Or do you just like the icon? :) I love that icon set - so vivid and fun!
I've watched the anime but I always felt it never really went anywhere -I'm sure the manga is probably better but never got around to it >_> Still, the art is just fab and heygraphics has gorgeous loveless!icons in any case XD
I've only watched the first ep of the anime... and thought 'oh my, this would not make sense if you hadn't read the manga'. From what I've heard, the anime is confusing and very fanservice-y. I really do recommend the manga - very much so!
Yeah, I've found most shounen-ai/yaoi anime to pale in comparison to the manga versions. Junjou Romantica might be the first time a series got so popular in general..

Will see about downloading the manga ^^
Oh, I'm enjoying the Junjou Romantica anime! It makes the intellectual part of me *eyeroll* with the 'I only grope you because I love you!' bits, but the rest of me is full of squee for it. It's just so terribly cute. I nearly died of squee for the recent egoist ep in season 2 - so adorable!

(Yay! Loveless is so awesome. *fangirls it excessively*)
Is there an icon stat page, or do you just have a scary memory for all these details?

Brilliant ways to express oneself. and obsessive, can't forget that! XD