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I should just specify in my profile that 99% of my memes are by way of bzzinglikeneon

Made by epicfail

I've been using 3 different icons with this particular amatsuki!image as my default for a few months now. It's a feel good icon with a mellow smile :) This is the winter version.
Fandom: Amatsuki

Made by broomsticks

My first baby!icon - how could I resist Sunny?
Fandom: Series of Unfortunate Events

Made by me

I have 10 icons I consider 'happy'. This is the one I use when I'm super excited and definitely the happiest.
Fandom: XXXholic

Made by pixation

When I think depression and awful, awful things, I think of this icon, period.
Fandom: Supernatural

Made by me | art by Ninjatic

I love having commissions as icons and this one is my Trying To Be Helpful icon. All I can think is that even if Toph and Zuko save the day - there's going to be quite a bit of collateral damage >_>
Fandom: Avatar

Made by blimey_icons

Another classic, my insanely pissed!icon.
Fandom: Random comics (Calvin)

Angriest - FANDOM
Made by me

A variation of this was made for Terminus, but I started using this one because of Macross Frontier >_<

Made by inquisitory @ estheticons

About 30 of my icons could fall under the cute!category, since they're all chibis, animals, babies and anime characters. So. This was hard. But then I realised chibi!Sunako pwns EVERYTHING XD

Perhaps it's my childhood love for the Addams Family. Sunako would probably LOVE to be adopted by them -__- She'd fit right in, and her chibi form makes me all \o/
Fandom: The Wallflower - anime

Made by moyashi_icons

Have 5 funny!icons, but this one probably has the most relevance to me. SHORT PEOPLE UNITE.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Favorite Ship
Made by me

*gasp* It's HET! Well, yes, I do have a few het!OTPs. Zuko/Toph is one of them, especially grown up Zuko/Toph :) Toph is such a guy and Zuko is such a girl - they're perfect together XD
Fandom: Avatar

Favorite Fandom
Made by gunfair

At the moment, I don't really have a fandom, but am frollicking in general slashy goodness whenever I can.

Icon used the most
Made by broomsticks

It's my oldest icon for a reason XD

Favorite of the moment
Made by heygraphics

It's my most used new!icon actually.
Fandom: Loveless

Favorite overall
Made by sushicolour

Yes, it's all about the babies for me >_>

How many icons do you have total? 106

How many can you have? 114

If you could buy space for more, would you? The number of posts whining/squeeing/sighing about additional userpics should be answer enough.

Do your icons make a statement about you? I like icons that convey a sentiment/emotion. This is often best expressed with chibis and babies and characters in shows who display extreme emotions in particular scenes. Also have a handful of text and stock icons I use to death.

What fandom do you have the most icons of? Avatar, I think.

The second most? FMA, Soul Eater and HP probably.

What ship do you have the most icons of? At a grand total of...2? Zuko/Toph. All hail the multi-shippers!

How do you categorize your icons? Quick explanation:

* asterix followed by a word or phrase explaining the sentiment/emotion of the icon
Anime/AMP/multi/Avatar/HP - followed by further categorization or the sentiment/emotion

Are your icons mostly made by other users? Yes

Do you make icons? Yes

Are they any good? I like to this so, but I know I need to work at it.

Animated icons are: usually quite annoying.

In general I think icons are: Brilliant ways to express oneself.

Also did a variation of this meme back in July!
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