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Got my "All I Want For Christmas" icon from iconseeyou! The only thing it doesn't cover is Zuko/Toph get-together-as-adults fics but let's see, original slash, slashy fanfics, crossover slash ships...yup, everything else is boy on boy action >_>

I uploaded Oofuri caps on diminishcap and am almost done uploading Natsume Yuujinchou, Fullmetal Alchemist and XXXholic (entire shows)

Oh and forgot to mention, but I got my 1000GB external drive and I CAN HOLD IT IN ONE HAND LIKE A BOOK, OMG, SO FABULOUS.

Must take a photo. It's so tiny for one terabyte.
lol! Your icon. ^_^

1000GB? ajskjsaka. That is a lot! I'd love to get a HD with that much GB space. All the stuff I can store on it... *__*

It's very nice and black and shiny (reflective, lol) - and actually smaller than the 250GB external I got 4 years ago!
The biggest GB size we have here is about 400GB, if I remember. That's the max.

Take a picture of it and show it! Did you name it? *is a dork for naming her stuff*