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Antique Bakery as a live action movie

So Korea is doing a movie version of the japanese manga, Antique Bakery and is TOTALLY accepting of the boy's love. And since I'm in a very K-Drama mood right now, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE

Japan did a drama version a while ago and pretty much cut out all the slash ;_; Am feeling the K-love more and more *_*

I keep hitting my side pillow when I watch this:


Was wheezing and squeeing and spazzing and nearly dropped my laptop \o/
Ahhh! Right there with you on the squeeing and flailing.

Damn, I really need to get through the rest of the manga.
I read spoilers on wikipedia on pairings and stuff but I've yet to read the whole manga XD Am waiting till the anime finishes before marathoning it. BUT ♥ Have a feeling I'm going to LOVE the movie.
This looks awesome!! I know of the manga and story line but I've never read it, the drawing style really isn't my type, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie.
Mmmm, good looking guys, delicious looking food and boys love... How could you go wrong?
It wasn't until I read the mangaka's other title, Gerard et Jacques that I warmed up to her drawing style. But in any case I have a feeling the movie will be a different sort of lovin' XD The kisses at the end of the vid had me spazzing ^^

Usually with japanese movies I expect artsy death!endings but with korean stuff I usually have higher hopes :)
I have no idea how I got to your journal (I think it was layouts, maybe, - I have too many tabs open to tell) but I would just like to thank you for posting about this because SLD'lkDFJSDFLKj. KDrama + Joo Ji Hoon + Boy loving & yummy foods = HOW COULD I ASK FOR MORE? So thank you, I don't know if I would have known about this otherwise, and I hope I wasn't too spazzy. :)

I was squeeing and pounding the poor desk when I watched that. OMG. I don't read the manga or watch the anime as the art style doesn't appeal to me but this? I think I want to watch this movie. OMG.

BRB spazzing.
Cool! (Although the bloke with the moustache freaks me out a little. haha) Antique Bakery - is that the title of the original manga?
How could they not include teh ghei? That is like, essential! *befuddled*

*watches* *is now addicted*
Oh, that looks delicious! I had to watch it twice: once to read the subtitles and the second to stare at kissing men. :0)

I'm surprised that Korea is making it especially since being gay is still totally taboo and not widely accepted here. There's only 1 or 2 gay bars that I know of in Seoul and they are frequented mostly by foreigners. It does look like a good movie though :)