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Layout: S2 Bloggish - Desktop

Style: S2 Bloggish (works on Insane Journal, JournalFen and Livejournal!)
Best view: 1024px and 1280px wide and above
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox
Custom Comment Pages: Yes
Navbar: No

Layout : Desktop

Preview:With Images // Wood Image Only

  • Insane Journal, JournalFen and LiveJournal compatible
  • Two Column Design -sidebar on left
  • Usernames above entry titles for easy reading
  • Entries centered
  • Custom comment pages included
  • Images for the Linkbar included! (Reply/Edit/Track etc.)
  • Tags in scrollbox
  • With or without background images!

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I'm using @ my insanejournal ( with credits! Thank you. ;D

Edited at 2008-12-03 09:39 pm (UTC)
I LOVE this. Will use when I get a chance to change my layout, hopefully later tonight :) Will credit, of course!
I wonder why I thought of it as FS until I saw that it's Bloggish but I'll snag it anyway. ^^
The raw psd file, yes. The image with the exact dimensions and placement? No :( If you email me next weekend, I could probably come up with a replacement tho ^_^
Love it! Especially the little doodle. :D Using and crediting thank you!
Oh, this is absolutely fantastic! I'm going to snag it once I have time to change my writing comm's layout! Thank you!
oh what a lovely layout :D
totally snagging and will probably use this
beautiful work~ :3
can i ask something?
is there any way to put a header on top?