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Alcohol & Books!

Came to the realization that the peach bellinis I love aren't so much peach bellinis as they are peach sorbets with alcohol, lolol. Take frozen peach puree, peach schnapps and spumanti and you get something similar but not quite as fabulous as the bellinis at the Cheesecake Factory. Yes my favorite alcoholic drink is basically a variation of a peach smoothie.

Have been carting around Shadowfall by James Clemens for the past few weeks and have only read 180 pages. So far its actually a good read, which is why I have yet to return it to the library. Still, reading it while waiting in line etc. means I'm nowhere near finishing it anytime soon. BAH.

And yet I'm still tempted to buy New Tricks by John Levitt and Princeps' Fury by Jim Butcher even though I prob won't read them till next month any way.

Permanent sale starts today. Am getting one :) Then I'll stop thinking about it and *wondering* every time they do the sale.
When I want to get a book done I make sure to spend some time each night reading before I go to bed. It is really the only way that I can find time to dedicate myself to reading. I mean, there are the times when I read during commercial breaks on tv, but that isn't as effective as I would like it to be.
I usually end up on the laptop when I go to bed because reading can keep me awake for hours >_> Will probably need to wait till next weekend when I have the time to spare for it all :)
I am the opposite - the laptop in bed keeps me up for hours! Whereas with reading I just stop at the end of a chapter or something.
I'm usually up later than intended either way. lol Laptop has all the things that would ever distract me from how late it is, and when I read I just keep going on and on until there's an actual reason to stop. Like the sun coming up. lol
eep, I have rarely read like that at night :) On the weekends I am likely to do that if the book is really good and riveting, but usually I treasure my sleep over most other things.