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Sale plus more...

[001] Highlight of the day: got a permanent account \o/ Transfered my remaining paid account time too :)

[002] LJ also has a new layout style called Minimalism. The nifty part of the design? Well the empasis on the comments:

I'm hoping that the css is decent for playing with, especially since its a new style.

[003] Out of all the things listed on the releases page, there were two main bits that made me squee:

"Title of post in Last Post, Friends Pages, Calendar view (every page where displayed multiple entries) now links to entry." - Mixit/Expressive has this already and I ADORE being able to click on titles to get to posts :)


Added 50 additional userpics to Permanent Accounts (so all Perm Accounts should have 195 userpics as of today) ⇒ \o\o/o/

[004] Why couldn't the Flexible Squares layouts have broken on LJ instead of Smooth Sailing?

Flexisquare might have been my first layout but smooth sailing was my first love D: Ok, so I might have moved onto a long term relationship with Mixit/Expressive and Bloggish (yay for threesomes) but STILL >_> Not cool LJ.
And I'm hoping a la carte userpics when introduced will bounce that up higher - might be dreaming but...*lives in hope*
I checked my icons page after I made that comment: 118/195

I don't even know what to do with that many icon spaces XD
I had 107 icons yesterday and now have 140 - a going to look into my oldies and saved stuff for mo XD 55 icons to go WOOT \o/
Yes, the title links are a cool addition, especially for layouts that lack the "link" link on the entries.

So, have you seen any estimates on how long it will take them to fix SS?
Yup yup :3

No idea - and with tech issues its hard to tell - that time two years ago went on for a few days I think. This time it might be done in 24 hours ...or longer D:
195 user pics?! *cries*

I want to make proper comments but I am rather incoherent at the moment. I blame the lack of sleep.
Hey D: I'm with Flexi Squares. Smooth Sailing is only my lady on the side.

I'm excited for this theme too and it might just move me to get a paid account just to roll around with the advanced layers.
Flexisquares is the prom queen!layout of lj >_> I just find SS, Mixit and Bloggish more customizable by far.

If I had more time, I'd love to play around with it. Well, I could always pull an all nighter tomorrow for my exam instead...
I know this is gonna sound a way but I liked Flexisquares before it became popular. :[ I dunno what happened. all of a sudden, EXPLOSION!

I have a huuuuge exam tomorrow. Watch me sit here and fiddle with layout ideas.
I hope you enjoy your Permanent account as much as I've liked mine. ^_^ I'm just trying to imagine how I'm going to fill up the 50 new icon slots...