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While smoothsailing layouts are broken, y'all might want to switch to other layouts for the time being (adding ?format=light is a bit of a hassle). Have a recent layout maker pimp post here.

Also, if anyone was using one of my smoothsailing layouts, I have a Bloggish alternative with a horizontal menu here.

Edit: Unfortunately, Bloggish's custom comment pages are also effected :( Luckily the other views are fine, as is Expressive/Mixit.

So you can still use Bloggish - just remember to set custom pages to the non-custom and default lj view instead I think.

Yeah, its only the custom comment pages on Bloggish so as long as people use the default comment pages for now, they're good I think.
- (Anonymous)
While flists will load, the other pages have this code showing up:

Error running style: Died in S2::run_code running EntryPage::print(): Can't locate object method "new" via package "S2::Object" (perhaps you forgot to load "S2::Object"?) at (eval 1069)[/home/lj/src/s2/] line 1827.

And it also shows up in Bloggish's custom comment pages.

Admins are fixing it but haven't seen if there'll be a fix any time soon.
- (Anonymous)
Yeah, I just explained to someone a few minutes ago that LJ broke ALL th smooth sailing layouts and the custom comment pages for Bloggish XD
i'm using flex squares, and all subject title font is HUGE now with the addition of this subjects as links thing. it's driving me crazy. i'm hoping it'll fix itself sometime tmw or something, bc i'm never going to get used to it :( tried toying with my custom css but nothing is working.
The css might be set for the links in titles to be huge - in that case, unless the css is edited, the titles will stay huge >_>