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N00B guides for lj

I really wish azurelunatic would document each of LJ's big wanky moments. Her summaries are BRILLIANT. Two of them from 2006 are here and here.

A week ago she also posted an awesome guide called Getting Started with LJ for the Complete Novice.

Combine that with Signs you might not be from LJ + Friending and we have everything needed to introduce friends to the site. I seriously wish LJ would link to the posts when sending new lj users a welcome notice XD
Wow, I had not seen all of those.

She does do a wonderful job with the suggestions comm. If anyone can herd cats...

The suggestions comm is one of the best bits about lj IMO - so many awesome ideas, so little time for developers to code evrything ^^ And azure does a fab job :)
Cool, these are great. But according to Signs you might not be from LJ, I am remiss by having a blank journal (if you only do have the journal for the purpose of commenting, or of reading the locked entries of your friends, it is polite to post to your journal at least once to announce this.) Do you think people agree with that? *ponders making a single post*
I agree with it. When someone friends me with a blank journal, it seems kind of creepy. But a polite note saying that it's used for reading/commenting purposes clears that all up. It's not an entirely rational reaction, but I think it's fairly common.
Since bots have become alarmingly common, I can never be sure about a person who just friended me and has either a) a blank journal or b) a journal in russian. There've been a number of hacked accunts recntly and paranoia has been on the increase for me personally...