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Got the final versions of my pic from Loish (whose DevART gallery I've lurked around since high school) and while the image is for my layout reboot next year, for now I've integrated it into my profile:

Original Image - click to zoon

Linkies: Initial Sketch | Without Background

Profile - click to zoom

This was pretty much the only highlight of the weekend - wish it were the 13th already and exams were behind me D:

Oh and the title is the result of marathoning Avatar in the background overnight while cramming. Toph helped reduce the stress >_>
This was perfect, since I don't like the idea of anything more than an icon or two of myself in photo form - and LJ is the perfect place for stuff like this ^_^

Not to mention, getting a favorite artist to do this is SO BRILLIANT \o/

Congratulations! You have the coolest looking profile I've ever seen in LJ. ^___^

Ah, now I want to mess with my profile layout. *resists the shiny*

So shiny...

LOLOL and I just changed my profile, what, a week or two ago? But change is always awesome in this regard \o/
THANK YOUUUUUU (and have been meaning to msg you - by the time i got around to your layout'd already dealt with it D: Srry :(
Oh, I wish I could code - I love your profile layout idea. And I already have a piece of art that would work perfect for it.
The reason the profile worked was 'cause my last profile reqired four columns of text of the same size - which, when switched to squaers, actually stayed roughly the same size and was super easy to work with :) I'd share the code ut I hae a feeling the profile would break for most peeps due to disproportionate text paragraphs
- (Anonymous)
Re: profile
Am v. v. happy with it and was definitely the highlight of the weekend!
I love your profile! And again, that artwork is just amazing.

I should set aside some time to revamp my own layout and user info instead of napping so much.
DO IIIIIIIT, revamps are on a different level of shiny from the regular ol' world :3
That is fantastic! (any particular meaning behind the background btw? Weird question, I know, but it looks like lace...?)

I plan to marathon Avatar in the holidays :DD
wow~ that looks great!
your profile looks really gorgeous. ^____^y