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Almost morning! Time to...sleep?

[001] How icons can suddenly make a okayish show absolutely brilliant. From threelayers:




The odd bit is that I actually like the show Merlin...when Merlin is nowhere in sight. I just find him so very....blah. The only connecion he and Arthur have to H/D is their coloring IMO.

I love Arthur and Morgana keeps getting better and better and Gwen is kinda good too. If I were to ship slash, it would probably be femmeslash but the weirdest bit is that I'd be totally cool with het. Have definitely warmed up to Morgana, and seeing her in a scene with Arthur makes me all :3 T'is very odd >_> Though I'd be cool with seeing her paired with an original character too...

[002] A suggestion for the profile design got linked in the latest post @ lj_design which is very cool :) Basically it was about using tiny bullets or separators between usernames for the lists of friends/comms/feeds etc.

[003] Forgot to mention it earlier, but had also made a post about revamping memories to work more like the Messages Inbox on the suggestions comm.

[004] Yeah, its almost 4:30 AM thanks to finals. But what do I do before hitting the sack? That's right, I hit LJ. And in November? Made 64 posts. Oh LJ, not sure how to quit you >_>
Oh I LOLed at the Katy Perry reference. Never can have enough icons, eh? XD;; After 1x10 I was fully embracing Morgana and her kickassery while looking fabulous :D

Your memory revamp does sound interesting. Last year I gave up on memories and fully embraced delicious because tags made it easier to find specific entries.

*kills finals*
It's odd because to me, Morgana has almost no chemistry with anyone except Uther. Which is ucky, and um, not going there.

Gwen is just adorable. :D
I'm kinda addicted to Merlin, too, and I don't know why. :(( It's not good by any stretch of means, yet, it is. It's...slashy without being slashy. And Arthur's kinda a hottie. *sobs* And the things they do to history! It BURNSSSSS us preciousssss!

Yet I still watch. :((
I'm with you 100% on Arthur and Morgana. I adore both of them. I like the old guy, too. Gaius? Yeah, I think that's how you spell it. Anywho, addictive crack is what that show is. LOL
Hahaha! Yeah I have a bunch of those too! I'm a big Arthur/Merlin fan so I guess I'd have to have at least ONE suggestive icon XD

Mmm....I'm not exactly TOO fond of Morgana though...
YAY MERLIN ICONS! :D I think literati does great ones too.

And LOL, Merlin is my favorite character! (How can you not like him?)
Lit did Merlin!icons? OMG!

It boils down to the fact that Colin has the weakest acting skills out of the lot of them >_> Whatever he's saying, I slowly cease to care as it feels like he's just mouthing te words. That won't stop me from watching the Show - I still keep up with Smallville, simply for Allison Mack. And if Tom Welling can figure out how to sorta act, there's hope for everybody \o/
Totally did! Both of these I used are by her.

And that's funny, because all the acting criticisms I've read so far have been over Morgana--I've seen her described as the "weak link" in the cast, etc. Anyway, I totally haven't had that response to him (obviously). I am just charmed and enthralled the entire time he's onscreen. But yay, glad you're watching!
Must check asap!

The thing is, when it comes to characterization, Morgana's is the one that feels the most familiar when compared to previous works for me. Yes, all the characters have been pretty butchered till they're unrecognizable (Merlin is to the Arthurian Legends as Smallville is to Superman) but I can still see the bits in Katie's Morgana that remind me of Mists of Avalon and the older stories/versions.

Seen a lot more female!ripping in SPN fandom though, where I've been pretty okay with the original Ruby but yikes, female bashing seems to have transfered from the anime!fandoms to the TV show fandoms nowadays D: But it does seem to go hand in hand with fandoms that have slashy bits(SPN, Torchwood, Gundam Wing, etc.)
I actually love Morgana's character--I love just about all of the characters in Merlin! But I'm also kind of in love with how they've shaken up and remixed the old legends, so similarity to previous versions doesn't win a bunch of extra points for me either.

I would not call the criticisms I've seen female!ripping, though! Just people unhappy with the acting, as you are with Merlin's character. This is the one I had in mind when I was writing that previous comment. Easiest way to find the part I'm talking about is to scroll down to the bottom and then go back up. Just a few pictures up, there's one of Gwen and Morgana watching the tournament. Since the actress playing Gwen's character is being compared favorably to the one playing Morgana, yeah, I really can't see it as female bashing.

But anyway, maybe I'm just easy to please in a show I really like, but I'm not unhappy with any of them! It just makes me happy to watch it! :D
Reboots of stories are good, definitely, though I love the nods to the originals and how they revamp stuff - and how in many cases, the more thing s change, the more its the same haha

Uther, Gaius, Morgana as characters have been put through the blender a bit. I don't think Katie came into her own till the last few episodes in the season, while Richard does his best with the crazy turnarounds and Anthony...*shakes head* I think he really wishes the script writers would come up with something better for Uther, lolol

Merin is a bit of a mix for me - some parts make me LOL for ages while others make me wanna start headdesking - very similar to my reactions to Smallville haha