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Christmas Plans - San Fransisco advice?

So my sis and I are heading to San Fransisco with friends for Christmas hols and they've been emailing back and forth (which is pretty much horrible timing, since I can't keep up with it all with finals) and they've come up with the following schedule so far:

  • 24th: Land in SFO - Golden Gate Bridge @ Night - may not have a car
  • 25th: Napa Valley - room/board in San Francisco - need car for Vineyards et all
  • 26th - SFO ---> Yosemite (and staying there overnight) - will have car
  • 27th: Yosemite - Muir Woods - Staying in SFO - will have car
  • 28th: Go around SFO - may not need car
And the New Year is pretty open too. Need to look at some online travel guides, but was wondering if anyone has advice/opinions on things to do/see/eat in the San Francisco area.

Edit: BTW, some of the friends happen to be vegetarian, so sis and I will probably have to keep that in mind D: OH THE TRAVESTY.

In other news, KISS FM has struck again and I'm listening to Let it Rock again and again today *repeatedly hits head against the wall*

Only two days of finals left and then I'm fre- ok, then I have to move and then I'm fre- okay, need to head over to Dallas to help my sis move and then I'm...oh fuck it, no real free time D:
not sure what kind of time you'll have or what's open around xmas - some things I like to do:
I'm a sucker for the golden gate bridge - never get tired of it
I like to go to the bar at the top of the marriott (that's near the moscone ctr) and look out over the city at night w/a tasty beverage
I often hit China Town and see where the mood takes me when I'm hungry, but pretty much anywhere you go in SF you'll find nummy things to eat.
The Nordstrom is an "A" store. It's shopping Mecca. If you are into "shoes" like seriously... Arthur Beren's shoes in Union Sq is "it" - ask for Morgan;)

In Napa - Cole's Chop house is wonderful if you're a carnivore (albeit pricey)
I also loved Mustards grill (in yountville) but it's been years since I've been there

We can always call and confirm :)

Def doing golden gate and the bar sounds lovely! Not sure about the friends because they're vegetarian so we'll probably need to take that into consideration too. Of course, my sis and I can do sushi or a fab non-veg place one or two times too mwhahaha

Shoes...the magic word for my sis XD

Thanks for the tips! Hopefully we can decide on a couple of places to focus on and then walk around randomly the rest of the time. I just wonder how cold it'll get >_>
San Francisco is awesome just awesome.

Golden Gate Bridge and the Marriott Bar as mentioned
Since you like anime Japan Town is pretty cool (it's a little out of the way of most attractions but a cab should get you there)
Also take the trolley up to Ghirardelli Square
China Town is also cool
It sounds very hectic and tight but it sounds quite fun as well. ^_^

You can eat meat in front of them, right? I mean, it's not really wrong unless they're easily offended by the sight of it. @_@
Hi! I'm a lurker (a friendly one, scouts honor!)and I thought I'd mention this place called Caesars. Yes, it is Italian food but this place is MAD GOOD. Like, I'm really Italian and I know what good Italian cooking is and this is the best I've ever had. Okay I'll stop pimping it, have lots of fun in San Francisco, it's a great town. XD
D'oh! I'll be in Miami from Christmas Eve - New Year's Eve. How late do you plan to stay around?

Things to do:
I'm a big fan of Paxton Gate (see Yelp review here) and the next-door Pirate Supply Store (Yelped here.) May or may not be your cup of tea, but the sites/reviews should make that abundantly clear. ;)

I absolutely adore Minako, and it's a great place to take vegetarians too. Judy runs the front with a (friendly) iron fist, and her mom cooks fabulous food in back. Mom makes her own pickled plums, too, which turn up in the soup to delicious result.

If you're really eager to make your vegetarians happy, take them to Cafe Gratitude. (Yelped here.) I've only had take-out, which tasted excellent, but am a bit edgy about the wacky hippie cult-like vibe they've got going - simply naming the dishes is an exercise in brainwashing. ;)

There's a ton more - Golden Gate park is full of awesome.