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Notice on layouts...

It's been a long time coming, but I'm going to be switching my layouts to noveltybox over the holidays.

Right now its an empty community but I figured this way, anyone who wants to see the layouts on their flist and not my posts (which are many and srsly, who needs so much daily spammage?) will be able to friend that instead ^^

People who were feeling overwhelmed can now breathe easy, lolol

So screencaps are at diminishcap and layouts will be at noveltybox. Might also end up moving the icons over so its just my graphics comm, for profiles, layouts etc.

I know I should be doing a media comm too, for all that other stuff, but this takes priority XD
So, if we want everything, we should friend the comms, because you won't be cross-posting or....?

XD I will post up notices along with my regular posts mentioning new layouts ^_^

Or I could put temporary posts with the 300px width image and link to the posts and delete the notices afte 48 hrs or so...prob should poll and find out what would work better ^^
Hahaha, I kinda liked the one stop shopping of just having gossymer friended, but if this is more convenience I suppose I could friend everything.
[ question from a lowly little lurker ]
just to be clear, then: if we're looking for older layouts that have been posted here -- will they be moving to the new community as well?

(PS: don't think we've spoken before, but i love your stuff. just puttin' that out there.)