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DeviantART - recent favorites

Discovered northernbanshee @ DeviantART today and wanna point out the artist's multifandom love:

HUMAN!Transformers ( 1 + 2 ) | Gurren Lagann | Pirates of the Caribbean | Batman ( 1 + 2 + 3 ) | Avatar *focusses only on Zuko*

And ok, I don't watch South Park, but that's been done too: Family Portraits!

There is also a blog which I made a syndicated feed for: northbansh_blog - there are some goodies on the blog not on DA, like DANCING SASUKE LOL + Scenes with the Human!transformers (scroll to bottom) + the kind of Twilight fanart I like *evil laugh* (third picture down)

Today was a gold mine for stuff in lots of different fandoms - some of the shiny fanart I discovered:

And some general spiffy art...

And lastly, why Artgerm is awesomsauce: #1 | #2

Am now going to stare at human!ninja turtles XD
Bahaha. Dumb Bella. That is called a stalker.

Thanks for these gems, specially the dancing Sasuke. It made me laughed.
Edward is supposed to be the better of the two (I think) but...he definitely is a creepazoid >_>

Glad you enjoyed them! It was the Sasuke one that made me want to make this post ASAP 'cause duuuuuude, twas awesome :3
U BE NOT ALONE. But its so much easier to stop, stare and fangirl rather than stress about the lack of personal talent lolol
These are some awesome finds.

I was going to point out that Isaia did some genderswitching with the Avatar cast too, but I can't seem to find it anymore. D:

And, er, hi?

I don't believe I have ever made a comment on one of your personal posts before (I originally friended this journal for your amazing layouts) but I'd like to say that I always look forward to your entries! You always provide us with links to the most interesting reads, useful pages and beautiful/cute fanart. Thank you so much! <3
I love you Robin *____* Oh Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy forever~ my favourite evil lesbians!

And I love in the gender bending Avatar art Toph is exactly the same :D
Man, that guy has crazy talent. If only. lol Loved all of Northern's stuff, but I wasn't crazy about the style used for Heero and Duo. Destroyed their cool. D:

Check out these pokemanz action, drawings for every one of them! All in JP but navigating the sidebar is easy enough.