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Testing layout!

Okay, pretty much done with my future layout for noveltybox

I think I managed to set up the linkbar images for entries and comments too: preview

I was thinking of adding a background header image (line art of a flower or something in blue/green/pink on top of the dark brown) but I probably should keep it simple so the focus is the contect...

Tell me if y'all find any bugs!

First - this weekend:
Make list of all entries to cross post - and the dates!
Sort and crosspost entries to noveltybox (lock till ready to go live)
Make entries public and redirect posts from my lj to the comm

Second - over the hollidays:
Come up with a tagging system
Come up with a new format for the layout posts' instructions/codes
Fix the older layout codes (miniusericon & subject links)
Create an FAQ page along with a notice on limited support
Update the shared codes on posts (also those at mintyapple)
Create html previews offsite and update preview links (also on my lj, mintyapple and freelayouts!)
\o\o/o/ Still fiddling with the background color since at night, the dark brown looks black - so might go a shade or two lighter. But I'm using Adobe's Kuler site to fiddle with colors and its awesome ♥
:D Brown is probably my favorite color next to green so I'm liking the layout a lot. I don't think adding a header image would be distracting either since brown isn't really that busy of a color. Goodluck on that massive list of to-dos, also. lol

No buggies found either!