* face fault


Completely forgot about the lack of backdating for comms, so if anyone loaded their friends lists in the last hour and had noveltybox friended too...well, lots of spammage *facepalm*

Have locked the posts for now and will wait a few days before going live with the community (and unlocking posts), so that y'all don't get flooded. At that time I'll redirect the layouts posts over here to the ones over there and also share the new layout :)

Though if there were a backdate option for posts on comms, I could go live today >_> Bah.

Still, kinda excited to finally have my very own layout community :3 A year and a half ago, would never have believed it XD

lolz, that was sort of hilarious to watch the numbers go wildly up and down on my rss menu bar app

:P :P :P
I kinda freaked when I saw the flooding and was all "holy crap!" and super fast locking XD

Now which rss menu bar is it you speak of? ^^
Congrats on the new comm! It's about time! I'm sure it'll be no time before it's number #1 =P
FOR SURE. Ok, not really D:

I'm hoping things go alright as long as I offer layouts "as is" and while people can customize them all they wan't, unlike most of the big layout makers, I'll probably not be providing support when a layout breaks 'cause of it. It's just not feasible in the long term for me.

So...the comm will pretty much be a dumping ground for layouts et all XD
xD I think that's fine offering layouts 'as is'. I mean, if lj suddenly decides to change something, you don't HAVE to amend ALL of your layouts because of it. Besides, if you did that, then all those help communities would be RUINED! They should thank you for it! xDD
♥ Thank you!

Always been a bit iffy about doing my own comm, 'cause there's so much room for improvement with my stuff but this way I can play around and not spam the flist directly :) Which means more experimentation and different things \o/
I think your stuff is great, especially when we're allowed to fool around with the codes, well, at least the coloring and adding headers and stuff. I'm actually trying to teach myself how to do html and css, it's a slow moving thing. haha.
Ah, but also probably quite annoying too D:

Have added the comm to my icon filter so when it disappears from that (my flist page shows the 50 latest entries), I'll go live :)