Goss (gossymer) wrote,


There are freeze warnings! In TEXAS! So my moving out has been delayed by a day - which means more time to focus on packing \o\o/o/

And there'll be sleet/rain tonight which could mean roads frozen over in the morning D: And already just stepping out of my car has my hands going numb. WAS NOT MEANT FOR COLD WEATHER >_<

In any case, the highlight of the day was getting a peach bellini from Cheesecake factory - oh, and their chicken and sundried tomato fetuccine which was YUMMY

Also snagged New Tricks in paperback from B&N, and am reminded how easy John Levitt's style is to read. Also got Princeps' Fury from certain other sources XD I can't afford the hardback at the moment, which is over $20.

In other news, posted my first official layout @ noveltybox and was happy to discover that it has 150+ watchers*, since I made my first post about it just before the weekend.

Oh and that post? Was also my 1000th enty to this LJ! Yay for blogging milestones! Now should probably get around to actually tagging stuff around here ^^

* Relatively speaking, I have a feeling that while 150 watchers for an icon comm is probably something insanely awesome, for layout comms people probably aren't all that enthused unless it crosses 1000 >_> Bah. 150 in a few days is still tops for me in any case :3

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