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Might be able to get my elliptical machine moved today and in that case, I'll be driving to Dallas tomorrow! I can't believe I'm going to be done moving before the weekend! YES YES YES YES

Freezing weather may have dellayed me, rain and fog might have slowed me down - the coughing and cold made me all bitchy but now...PREVAILED, WOOT WOOT

Oh and btw, will be online on Monday for ages but after that, it's San Fransisco and travelling till New Year, so will be a bit MIA at that point.

OMG GONNA BE DONE DONE DONE (can you tell how much I loathe moving?)
I will be happy when you're done moving because 1) you'll have survived potential unfriendly squishings by furniture 2) it's been a day or two, and I already miss your commentary on LJ happenings.

Good luck, mate.
I was just talking to my sis about the lack of LJ over the past few days and she was like "maybe you're moving on!" and I was like "Nooooo, going through withdrawl, MISS MY LJ TIEM NAO" ;_;

Can't wait for this time tom since this should all be over :3