* V - Peace


Got back today and unpacked...my clothes. Still have everything else to unbox ;_;

I hope y'all had a decent New Year and Christmas! Mine was a bit more eventful than I would have liked but ended up doing lots of interesting things in the past 10 days, including snowmobiles and going to jail (okay, okay, just Alcatraz, lol ^_^)

Missed LJ so much though and its so lovely to be in bed with my laptop and internet and catching up on stuff! Only managed to check LJ on the mobile a handful of times D:

Though on the plane ride back I read Princep's Fury which was fabulous - only problem is, now I'm not sure how I'm going to wait for the next Codex Alera book...

How are you guys doing?
omg *clings*

I thought about poking you, but I knew you were busy. :">

I'm not gonna lie, LJ is less shiny without you. And hey, maybe that was a good thing because I've been telling everyone around me to stfu and stop being distractingly shiny until Jan 7th (or 10th) when the hd_hols reveal is up. But, I only have 12 fics left to read, so I think I'll make it. S'fucking stressful and really bad timing, this fest, but I do think it brings out the best in a lot of the writers. Pretty good crop this year.

k so, where were you snowmobiling?
*ties you to the chair*

Oh, lordy! I've missed you so! Happy belated new year to you. *glomps*
Welcome back, I hope you had a great time. <3

*had a frazzled holiday with the inlaws who showed up for a WEEK instead of the promised 3 days* *dies* Oy....

hello, I'm sorry I keep bothering you but I could use some help with Illustrator. I don't know if you got my PM but it would be nice if you could help me out. :)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!