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On anime...

OMG why are there are only 11 episodes in the second season of Nodame Cantabile? The anime is getting continued though, right?

BUT YAY FOR THE SECOND SEASON OF NATSUME \o\o/o/ No, I haven't watched the season premiere eppy - need to check if its been subbed yet >_>

Need to catch up on Soul Eater and Skip Beat XD Oh and also watch the sibling awesomeness of Minami-ke Okaeri's new third season! Those first two seasons were actually pretty fun :3
There's Nodame Cantabile Paris Hen but I don't remember if it's the anime or the live action.

Well, it's not subbed yet. I'm hoping Ainex will continue to sub it in AVI since BBS sticks to MKV only.

Any other series you're watching for Winter 2008? ^^
Paris Hen is the second season ^_^

I can do MKV or AVI both so I just want subs *grabby hands*

Will probably check out more (am sure I noted a few of note) but will wait a week or two till the first eps are all out :)
Oh, oh! You're watching the second season. Sorry, I thought you were watching S1. You may brick me now. For being dense.

Why can't they all be out in the same week instead of some this week and some next week? >:D

I think there will be a third season, so yay for you! For the fall of 2009 apparently.