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how art makes me whip out semagic...

[001] Fanart with fabulously detailed backround over here. I absolutely love stuff like this - so many little touches to the room *_*

[002] Found out about the SUP layoffs of LJ employees not through furiosity's post but rather, through the DreamWidth mailing list. Not going to panic just yet - lets see what happens. At least the news got DW's development off the back burner >_>

[003] Along with another possible round of Last Layout Standing, we may be getting a month long sort of layout fest thanks to grrliz :3

[004] After over a year, irinafan has shared another fabulous layout - and its on the new Minimalism style \o\o/o/

[005] Management of diminishcap is changing a bit but I'm hoping to have screencaps out by next week.

[006] Useful design resources: color contrast checker + grrliz's old resources post.

[007] Note to self: take a look at The Daily Plate today

[008] I think I'm going to go back and reread the Dark Ages timeline from the Gargoyles saga. I kinda miss that universe...
I'm not that shocked at the LJ layoffs, except for maybe the part with no severance. I work for a Fortune 500 company, as does my hubby, and we see this kind of thing happening all the time. Companies are doing whatever they can to get rid of redundancy. I've also seen so much of the work at my company getting outsourced. (My own severance compensation got drastically slashed last year.)

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Good luck with The Daily Plate! I see over and over again that people who track what they eat are more likely to lose weight.
I love that gorgeous piece of fanart, but clearly I am totally biased. >_>

I do have a tidbit about it to share! This may seem odd coming from a complete stranger, but it's funny, so share I shall. I'm a reader of your lj, and it was actually a commission round-up you posted some time back that 1) alerted me to the idea of commissions (yes, I was completely ignorant and did not know they existed), and 2) introduced me to Dray's fabulous art. So in a way, you had a hand in the creation of that beautiful piece of shiny. ^_^

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That layout month sounds really great :D

And I loved Gargoyles. I miss that universe also :(