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Dreamwidth and shirts

[001] Dreamwidth is going into testing soon, so if y'all are interested, y'all might want to sign up to the mailing list to get the scoop. Why am I all excited? Well, take a look:

And the other mockups: 1 | 2 - oh, and if it feels familiar, well, think of grrliz XD Am more partial to greens than red pinks but it definitely works :3 And is incredibly spiffy!

Pre-launch details can be found here.

[002] meritjubet pointed out SnorgTees and after seeing these three designs ( 1 | 2 | 3 ) I was all *grabby hands* Though I'm still all for more shirts from threadless...especially this slinky one...and these other four too.

[003] While I wasn't too impressed with the Jan wallpapers from Smashing Magazine, I love kayjkay's wallpaper here *_*

[004] Oh and ripped off layouts D:
The only threadless shirt I have is one that says, "Shakespeare hates your emo poems." XD
Out of all the LJ-alternatives proposed/discussed so far, Dreamwidth gives me the best gut feeling. IDEK.
Yeah, most sites fail 'cause they didn't figure everything out before launching - the kind that can take months to finish. It seems like DW really has done the work to get this going \o\o/o/

Ultimately I go where the community goes by DW looks incredibly promising so far. Here's hoping it delivers :)
[001] Holy shit. I love the red, and yeah... pink... but I can deal because it's reeeeeally shiny.

Heh, looks like a mac user took that screenshot. ... chasethestars?
I'm not sure why bu the pink makes me think valentines day. Grr,stupid brain :<

Not sure but I don't think so ^^ But yeah, def mac haha
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I wonder how they decided on those colors - red's always felt a bit more feminine/romantic with pinks in designs or more for alerts/warnings...though oranges are already used by IJ and greens may be a bit too popular right now...

In any case you did a wonderful job - DW looks very promising :)

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Because Mark hated D's first choices, and D hated Mark's first choices, but they could settle on red/pink/grey.
My mind keeps gravitating between valentines and warning signs! But it looks just as good as LJ (if not better!)
I have the slinky one!

I'm looking forward to Dreamwidth too.
I hope Dreamwidth opens up soon! I'm itching to leave Livejournal.
The mockups are so pretty. I'm not really feeling the reds and pinks either (which is interesting because pink is actually my favorite color), but I still really like it.

I should never have clicked on those links to the Threadless tees. Now I just want to buy more even though I already have so many. x)
1. Very tempting. Plus they have a pretty name!

2. I got three Threadless tees for Xmas. Today I got a Threadless newsletter and I'm already eying more t-shirts ^_^'
The mock-up of DW is uber nice! If they have Opal (Libra OSWD) available in DW, I'll move.
Oh my! this looks mightily purty! :D
Although I don't know if I have the energy to maintain something besides LJ.
Dreamwidth is a lovely name. I'm with you though, if the communities I'm a part of pick up and leave then I'm going too. And I suppose they chose red because it's the foil to LJ's blue.

"No more complex trust workarounds -- we've split the concept of the "friends" list into "people whose content you want to see" vs. "people you trust to see your content", and we've made it even easier to manage your relationships with people."

Holy crap, YES.