* food - chocolate - mmm...

K-Dramas + icecream

[001] I watched the new Korean drama version of Hana Yori Dango (drama wiki) on veoh - (ep1 + ep2) and while I'm not too crazy about the female lead, I think the manga is actually pretty great as a K-Drama as opposed to the TW-Drama or even the J-Drama, at least so far. Still like Inoue Mao from the J-drama, as Yukino the best though >_> Anyway, I found the links via this site.

[002] And now that I'm in the mood, anyone have any new spring K-Dramas (or J-Dramas) to rec? Here's a list of the currently airing dramas XD

[003] I have a craving for Baskin' Robins icecream - I keep thinking about the world class chocolate or the jamoca almond fudge...or the gold medal ribbon (chocolate and vanilla with a caramel ribbon). God, at this rate, I'll end up asking for a hand packed pint of icecream with all three flavors :F Or a banana royale - damnit, must. stop. thinking. of icecream.
Baskin Robins makes me think of Ice Cream Cake, which is what I want for my birthday in April but as far as I know BR doesn't exist in Mexico :(
The local groceries also have icecream cakes but they don't really compare to Baskin Robbin's :F

I think the craving is made worse by the fact that since moving 1)I no longer have a constant store of icecream in the fridge and 2) I live about 7 minutes from a Baskin Robbin now, as opposed to half an hour. SO TEMPTED.
Seriously. But it's sad cause I have seen no ice cream cake anywhere. I'm gonna turn 20 without ice cream cake!

You should totally go and have one on my behalf since they don't have regular ice cream here either. At least, not the kind of ice cream I'm used to which is tragic but their fruit bars are amazing! That's an upside :D
Have you ever watched the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango called Meteor Garden? It's got the prettiest guy in there ever but I don't remember which character he was. That was the first and last ever Chinese drama I ever watched. ^^

Arg, I really hate it when you rec food or post about food because not all of it is available here. *wails*
My favorite is the vanilla with peanut butter cups...yum! Sure there are ice creams more "gourmet" than BR, but you can't beat that flavor. I love the jamoca almond fudge too!
I was gonna say 'Sexy Voice and Robo', but it came out like... two years ago, and you're asking for something new. >.>

Course... I might've only gotten into because I remembered Kenichi Matsuyama played L, but I got to really enjoy the characters Niko and Robo. *stops rambling*
I don't know. Right now there isn't anything exept HYD that really exites me. The only other thing that I watch right now is Star's Lover wich is cute but also has the potential to get really bad *G*
I think this Domyouji is actually better than either the TW or Jp one. Still, after 4 seasons and one movie, I am a little tired of HYD as a franchise. :P
Thanks for the link to the Korean HYD, I'm really enjoying it! I loved the Japanese version and I didn't have high hopes for the Korean one but it's actually really good.
Thanks for the link! am pimping it out, here's hoping others find it useful too :)
Hai~ Random passerby. I'm quite liking Kami no Shizuku at the moment, but if you're more into shoujo manga adaptations you might want to try Mei-chan no Shitsuji for hordes and hordes of bishounen ^_~