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Possible random and light Multi-Fandom Fest idea

Most people have probably read regan_v's awesome posts on how HP characters would use LJ (Marauder Era and Harry's). In a way it reminded me of Design Persona Profiles which I'd stumbled upon last year

And now I kinda want a fest based on it- sort of like the HP Random Facts Fest - but not just for HP but across fandoms :>

The idea is this: people can take one or more characters in any fandom(s), imagine a situation where they hypothetically have LJs (or Isanejournals or whatever) and write about how they use them.

Do the characters spam their flists a lot with memes? Do they tend to lurk? Do they have words they say a LOT? Too many emoticons? Sockpuppet accounts? Are their posts mainly private or f-locked? What was their reaction to the LJ strikethrough? What are their favorite comms? Did they delete their LJ and then return (or move to IJ?) SO many possibilities!

And it could be any and everybody in fandom - characters like Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or inanimate objects like Lucius Malfoy's pimp walking stick XD

Thought it would be fun since its light and random and a bit of a break from the actual fests - but am not sure if anyone would be interested >_> Any thoughts?
Over at unitedslash, someone wrote a series of cracky fics on the footballers using LJ. It's not fandom-ish per say but it was really funny.

I'd love to do it except I'm in a writing slump at the moment. I think a Gundam 00 one would be funny.
rps!fic is sort of fandom, I think ^_^

Well, it would probably be month long so inspiration might bite? And Gundam 00 would be awesome. I wonder if any of the pilots would ban each other at some point from their flists XD Would love to read Tieria's *_*
Naw. Allelujah is too nice to ban anyone but Tieria would say: You're all unfit to post at LJ! and ban them all just because he's Tieria Erde.

I'm imagining that Graham and Setsuna's entries will be on their obsession with Gundams.
Whoa, that sounds awesome.

You might not have thought ahead this far, but would it be like a comm? Then people can just post themselves to it and such? If you do go ahead I'd love to float it around Bandom.
I wasn't sure if people would be interested in posting it anywhere but their own LJ or only on Insanejournal or something, so I figured maybe let them make their post, and then I'd like it in a master post. However, if there is more interest, a community would definitely be an option!! If there are only a dozen posts or so, then the comms would feel a bit..dead? Would love to know if Bandom folks would be cool with it tho!
Could I drag this wonderful idea of yours over to the capslock comms for DN and Bleach? :3 You'd totally get credit for it.

From FMA: How much you wanna bet that Ed would once in a while always a entry in his LJ where he'd CAPSLOCK WITH RAAGE over how someone just recently called him short?
\o\o/o/ Go ahead! I'd love to know if others are interested and if they have any particular ideas or opinions about it :3

vhsdjhsdjhfsl - half his icons would be about it too XD
I don't write, but I would totally be interested in reading what resulted from such a fest.
It sounds like a very cute idea! I'd love to see some of the GW boys' LJs.

I am a terminal lurker, but I saw this idea and I just had to say something, because I was recently reading my way through a backlog of fic I'd bookmarked but never read and this: http://panpipe.livejournal.com/80668.html#cutid1 came up.

It is so exactly what you're talking about... I just... there are no word...

Fair warning: the fandom is Arashi, RPS based on a Japanese boyband. But I have to say, even if you're not in the fandom, the fic is worth reading because... well... it's LJ. If you've spent anytime on LJ ever you will get this XD