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Comics, Meme and Big Bang Theory

[001] Just read the 25 pages currently out for the Starfighter online comic - its a space!comic with slash, a dash of violence and smex. Holy crap, yes.

[002] I love how I change my address for everything but forget to call up triple A for a requote of my auto insurance - and when I do get around to doing it, its on the one day they're closed i.e. Sunday.

[003] Some DevART bits:
[004] Did the Sorting Meme, but I think everyone whose done it has gotten some version of Slytherin. I really don't think which characters we relate to, and judgements about Percy should be used to sort us if its a multiple choice quiz thing. The reasoning behind some answers can be quite different from what the creator of the meme assumed they meant.

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...


You scored 50% Order/Chaos, and 33% Moral/Rational

Rationality with an orderly/chaotic split. What you strongly know is that you try to be rational, objective, and like to consider things as shades of gray. On order, you see the value of rules and organization but equally can become impatient and advocate a rather loose system. Your strengths arise from your ability to consider both radicals and straightlaced authority objectively; however, it can turn on you when others feel betrayed by the fact that there are few you support unconditionally and consistently.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:
Chaotic Orderly
Moral Gryffindor Hufflepuff
Rational Slytherin Ravenclaw

Take The Sorting Hat Test at HelloQuizzy

[005] sinspire did Big Bang Theory icons @ sundry_icons and is totally made of win:

Oh yeah, and the finale of season 2 for BBT, especially the last 10 minutes, killed me ded - oh god, the hanky!


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