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There is a serious lack of the happy...

[001] There is a poll on mintyapple for community feedback which is worth a look :)

[002] desolate_noir pointed out a site that has links to many, many streaming far eastern drama and movie videos. If downloading isn't an option for you, check it out!

[003] I hate reading/watching stuff where there's a death!ending or/and main characters keep on dying. So its really frustrating to check the Movie Spoiler page and discover that any movie I'm remotely interested in, has exactly that. WTF. Also tried a J-Drama which ended with the male love interest dying. ARGH. Luckily, I skipped through to the ending since I had a feeling it was going to turn out that way >_> But what is up with all this depressing stuff? Bah.

[004] Not as enthused by the Korean Boys over Flowers as I was earlier on. I do like the fact that they deviate from the original story, becuase after 2 dramas already, and the anime, this feels fresher for one thing. However, I hate the how the camera cuts from one face to another even though both people are supposed to be in the same scene. So we have Character A on camera and then Character B and then it switches back and this happens a dozen or so times and why the heck don't they just pan out and show both characters? Did the actors not film the scenes together? But yeah, the acting skills leave a lot to be desired. I keep wishing Yoon Eun Hye had been playing Makino instead *_*

[005] Sex Pistols as a OVA - I'm more anxious than excited, 'cause I've been disappointed by pretty much every yaoi OVA out so far *shrugs* Anyway, I'm really only interested in the Yonekuni/Shirou arc , focussing on a quiet and kinda shy class president and a playboy who has zero interest in other males. In a way I don't mind if it takes a few years for a Viewfinder OVA to come out, 'cause what I've seen so far on OVAs hasn't impressed >_>

[006] It is far more entertaining to read furiosity's recaps of American Idol auditionss than actually watch the show, lol. But doing both will probably result in the most laughs XD
I've been watching dramas in mysoju for ages - it's really an awesome site. In fact, it's where I found CP.

Anyway, TY so so so much for the AI recaps link! I think I burst my sides, it's totally made of lulz! :D
Hearing that Sex Pistols is being turned into an OVA makes me cringe, out of all series that's one I wish they wouldn't touch. :/ As for Viewfinder, they've done other works of the mangaka, I'm kind of surprised that they haven't done one for it yet or at least attempted a movie or something.