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Bad habits

[001] Confession Time: there have been moments in my life where I've actually gone, "kyaaaaa!" and "gyabbo!" - the latter actually just happened last month and I blame Nodame Cantabille D: Though I imagine y'all have had embarassing words from fandom slip into dialogue right? RIGHT? *hides under rock*

[002] When the deviantART logo changes, I hope they go with something like this one or at the very least, this

[003] I'm watching Samurai 7 'cause Romi Paku voices one of the characters and the anime isn't half bad :) Though the steampunk aspect takes a bit of getting used to - seeing samurai and then big robots in the same scene keeps making me go o_O every now and then.

[004] Have also been looking for SasuNaru fanfics of decent quality and testing a few shoujo mangas. Shoujo is always a difficult thing, since most female protagonists are incredibly...generic. That does apply to yaoi too, but I burnt out on the het!fics after overdosing in middleschool and highschool on trashy bodice ripper novels.

The only exceptions for het seems to be far east asian stuff like the dramas et all and a random TV show or two (Morganna from Merlin, Chloe from Smallville, Faith from BtVS). Otherwise...*happily dons slash reading goggles*
xD The only words I've ever really used have been 'hai' and 'ne', in the veryvery beginning of my anime-watching I MIGHT have used 'baka' a couple times, but I stopped.

ROMI PAKU! \o/ I have very few seiryuu I actually LOVE, she is one and another is Akira Ishida ♥♥♥♥ that man.

As far as SasuNaru goes, ANYTHING by bittkitt is AWESOME. I LOVE her fics, more so because she creatively and cleverly interjects British slang, but it works SO well and she really does such a great job. Any time she comes out with something new for the Naruto fandom I literally squeal with delight.

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