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State of the Flist, lol

[001] Current State of the Flist (inspired by coffeejunkii's latest postXD):
  • H/D fen focussed on fests
  • H/D fen currently into Merlin
  • H/D fen currently into anime
  • H/D fen (just a few) currently into the Administration series...
  • Multi-fandom fen who continue to be...multi-fandom oriented XD
  • & 99% of the flist currently Obama!crazy LOLOL

So this should apply to most of y'all: OBAMA DOLL!

My favorite picture is Obama vs Darth Vader complete with light saber MWHAHAHA - would credit the flist-er who posted it this morning, but can't locate the post D: In any case, this is one of the many reasons Japan rocks my socks off haha

I might be the only person who thinks Colin (who plays Merlin) can't act, but I watch the show anyway so nevermind XD Definitely a guilty!watch of mine *has a girl!crush on Morgana*

[002] Most exciting part of the Oscar noms? Heath Ledger and Slumdog Millionaire. My favorite male actor growing up (watched him since the TV Show Roar) and a movie that calls to my roots :3 A R RAHMAN GETTING NOMINATED MADE ME ALL FLAILY OMG OMG YAAAAAAAAY

[003] New TV Shows of the season that I'm watching tonight: United States of Tara and Being Erica. Am also going to be trying out all of these shows when they air. I'm nervous about Dollhouse 'cause I don't know if it can live up to the insane amounts of hype around it...

ETA: Being Erica? Is pretty awesome so far!

Son of ETA: Watched the first three eps and yup, Being Erica is pretty damn good :)

[004] Caved and paid for a month's subscription to - I used to be a monthly subscriber, and I just realised how bad the addiction was,(which can be blame on the super easy downloads). My download quota is 43000 MB+. Yes, I can download over 40 GB of anime from the site in a month* ^o^ The only reason I signed up this month is 'cause they've been adding insane amounts of anime titles - including older shows that have completed airing. Stuff which I haven't found on other sites like galanime. So...*gives into temptation*...its worth $5 IMO

* This also means that in at least one month in the past, I've downloaded over 30GB of anime from the site. Dude, WTF :O
YES * H/D fen focussed on fests
YES * H/D fen currently into Merlin
YES * H/D fen currently into anime
NO YET * H/D fen (just a few) currently into the Administration series...
YES * Multi-fandom fen who continue to be...multi-fandom oriented XD
YES * & 99% of the flist currently Obama!crazy LOLOL

XDDDDDDDDD OMG, the Obama dolls cracks me up so badly! The person who created it is super awesome!
Hahaha I totally forgot people could be more than one XD

And yeah, the Obama doll was the highlight for me :3
Ahem, you are not alone. However, Bradley's ability to be delightful and beautifully distracting makes up for Colin's over-acting. And I think he'll get better.

And hell yeah, that election was my side-dish fandom before Merlin. ;)
True, true - though Bradley and Katie in the same scene kinda light things up for me :)

Did it make you get into all the Obama!RPS slash? 'Cause my god, that got popular super quick O_O
I.... no. *hides from tracy_loo_who* But, I fangirl them separately!!! Rahm and Biden, mostly. I like the naughty guys. ;;)

Anyway, yes! IMO, Katie is the best actor on the show. Then Bradley. Then maybe Angel, but my bf hates the faces she makes. I dunno, I think she's cute. *shrugs*
LOLOL, as long as the love is there, its all good IMO (well, tracy may have something else to say about that XD)

YEEEEEES, agree 100% - surprisingly, I find Anthony's acting a bit over the top. Gwen is adorable (and most of fandom seems to agree so \o/)

I watched Mists of Avalon in highschool, so when I went ♥ over Morgana in the later episodes, it suddenly struck me that yes, have always been into her really :3 Katie's Morgana definitely works. I know I'd definitely be on the Arthur/Merlin bandwagon if I didn't feel so apathetic whenever Colin starts his lines *sigh*
Let's face it, Anthony will always be a brooding librarian. ;) It seems like he's not comfortable playing a confident, yet thoughtless and bad-tempered king. He looks unsure and as if the lines are distasteful. Hell, I would feel the same way. His character constantly contradicts himself from scene to scene. Same for Gaius, but he just goes with it. Gah, I wish I could edit the scripts. :((
Your State of the Flist post made me laugh. :) Rather accurate and I fulfill at least three of those categories - fest-focused, Merlin and Obama-crazed. *laughs*

I'm happy to find another person who likes Morgana. Or at least has a girl!crush on her. A lot of people seem annoyed by her character on the show, but I'm actually quite fond of her.
It does make me wonder what's a trend and what's here to stay though - still remember the time the whole Flist was all over Veronica Mars >_>

I watch Merlin for Morgana really XD It took quite a few episodes to fall in love with any of the characters (I mean sure, eyecandy and obvious slashy!awesomeness some ways, if the actors are good enough the slash can occur in my head and I'm completely okay with that. So I guess I was waiting for something else and then Katie grew on me like hell and ^_^)

There's really not enoug Morgana appreciation in the fandom though D: Though in a way I'm probably just as guilty since I'm pretty apathectic to Merlin >_> This is like Smallville all over again, where everyone's crazy about Lex and Clark, and I'm all about Chloe :<

*gratuitous use of the only Morgana!icon uploaded*
99% of the flist currently Obama!crazy Not me. Can't seem to muster enough enthusiasm for it. *sighs*
*hugstodeath* The obama mania of yesterday went completely over my head - I was happy my flist was happy but I'm really only enthused about what's to come. However, the Obama vs Vader pic made me burst out laughing so HAD to pimp XD