Goss (gossymer) wrote,

State of the Flist, lol

[001] Current State of the Flist (inspired by coffeejunkii's latest postXD):
  • H/D fen focussed on fests
  • H/D fen currently into Merlin
  • H/D fen currently into anime
  • H/D fen (just a few) currently into the Administration series...
  • Multi-fandom fen who continue to be...multi-fandom oriented XD
  • & 99% of the flist currently Obama!crazy LOLOL

So this should apply to most of y'all: OBAMA DOLL!

My favorite picture is Obama vs Darth Vader complete with light saber MWHAHAHA - would credit the flist-er who posted it this morning, but can't locate the post D: In any case, this is one of the many reasons Japan rocks my socks off haha

I might be the only person who thinks Colin (who plays Merlin) can't act, but I watch the show anyway so nevermind XD Definitely a guilty!watch of mine *has a girl!crush on Morgana*

[002] Most exciting part of the Oscar noms? Heath Ledger and Slumdog Millionaire. My favorite male actor growing up (watched him since the TV Show Roar) and a movie that calls to my roots :3 A R RAHMAN GETTING NOMINATED MADE ME ALL FLAILY OMG OMG YAAAAAAAAY

[003] New TV Shows of the season that I'm watching tonight: United States of Tara and Being Erica. Am also going to be trying out all of these shows when they air. I'm nervous about Dollhouse 'cause I don't know if it can live up to the insane amounts of hype around it...

ETA: Being Erica? Is pretty awesome so far!

Son of ETA: Watched the first three eps and yup, Being Erica is pretty damn good :)

[004] Caved and paid for a month's subscription to anime-plus.com - I used to be a monthly subscriber, and I just realised how bad the addiction was,(which can be blame on the super easy downloads). My download quota is 43000 MB+. Yes, I can download over 40 GB of anime from the site in a month* ^o^ The only reason I signed up this month is 'cause they've been adding insane amounts of anime titles - including older shows that have completed airing. Stuff which I haven't found on other sites like galanime. So...*gives into temptation*...its worth $5 IMO

* This also means that in at least one month in the past, I've downloaded over 30GB of anime from the site. Dude, WTF :O
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