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[001] DevART pretties: I adore this pic with its magic circle and elemental magic. Okay, magic circles will ALWAYS be cool in my books. Then there's this super cool Tiger and I think this one is Ninja!Sasuke but can't be sure...still spiffy though :)

[002] Original slash fic rec: The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek. Usually I search for fics by review count, but this time I just searched for fics that were over 100K words. Since this fic was just posted in its entirety last month, it hasn't gotten much exposure on FP, but it was definitely a decent read. And I loved how the author basically says, here's the whole fic, if you like it, you can buy it here on amazon. Added it to my shopping cart yesterday :)

Edit: BTW the prologue is pretty much the weak part of the story so read past it or skip it entirely if you need to.

[003] There are so few published slash novels that had me going \o\o/o/ as soon as I read them - one was at the end of highschool (The Last Herald Mage by Mercedes Lackey) and the other was about a year ago (Hero by Perry Moore) - but either the published books I adore AREN'T actually slashy, or if there are books with slash, they don't really click perfectly *sigh*

[004] The casting of Avatar pisses me off, but its the comments made by the main actors that make me want to hit something. You can keep up wth the failboat!casting over here through glockgal

[005] On the manga front, I've been reading two very different titles. The first is Hyakkiyakou Shou and it's sort of like Natsume Youjincho, XXXholic etc. where the main character can see spirits/ghosts. It's got a darker, creepier feel to it, but its also extremely cool in its own way.

The other manga is shounen-ai and its called Golden Days. The main character's spirit ends up traveling through time and ends up in the body of his grandfather when he was a teen. Unlike the other manga which has 5 volumes out, this one only has about 7 chapters scanlated so far but its rather lovely.

[006] Hetalia Axis Powers got cancelled long before I even thought about watching it - I heard that it was still going to be streamed online or something, so will it be possible to download and marathon the entire series later?

[007] Was watching Tales of Bah Sing Se (episode 2x15 of Avatar) where Iroh sings and its his son's birthday, and tears just started streaming down my face. That song ;_;

[008] I really wanna read a long original slash fic or a looooong manga, but everything feels like been there, done/tried that or will get to it, just not right now D:

[009] Isn't it fabulous how, as soon as your tummy is no longer upset, it goes into overdrive demanding food immediately? Woke up starving as soon as I could sleep all the way through the night.
3. I adore Hero! It was amazing.

8. I know how that is, lately. I feel like I've been reading the same stuff for the past however many years.
I knooooow, it was so much fun and bloody hell, why is stuff like that so damn rare in the published world?

I'm kinda jealous of people who have yet to get into big mangas and stuff, 'cause there's so much to read and enjoy :)
:D:D GodEaters, and it's on FP now? Because i think I first read it years ago, it's a classic amongst the Orignovels *_*!

also: omg if you find more long origslash fic or good long manga that doesn't lose it's drive in the middle, reeeec. because I feel like I've exhausted all the resources and that's just scary :(
The problem with self published novels is that unless people read it online, they're unlikely to put down the $10+ for the book to get it. I guess this way, people get to read it online and see if its works :)

Two old rec posts for original slash are here and here - the first one is pretty old though. Usually I find that fics that were shiny initially, lost their sparkle later which is the case for some of those old recs *shrugs*
o.O but wasn't the GodEaters available for free on Jesse's homepage? Haha, but yeah, I'm definitely someone who prefers to at least reading a first few chapters for free before buying a book...

Yeah, some fics definitely lose their sparkle on reread, but some don't, or at least some have that sparkle on initial read so maybe I'll find sth i don't know yet ^^, thanks alot thou
Wil the final episodes be subbed too? 'Cause the only thing worse than a lackluster anime, is one that won't be finished :(
I don't know. According to gg's website, the DVDs are coming out in April. Maybe someone else will pick it up and do a sub of it then. The webcast quality is awful. It's probably worth waiting for the better quality (if it gets torrented).

According to this, certain Korean protesters are trying to get the webcast cancelled, too.
OMG such a coincidence - just saw a link to it and was debating whether to try it - will check it out now!
2) God Eaters is one of the first original slash fics that I read--totally spoiled me for anything after. :(

3) Have you read Brethren: Raised by Wolves? It is pretty much a slash novel, in that the focus is primarily on the relationship between Will and Gaston. I haven't read the sequels but I plan to.
2) Yeah most stuff seems to be just slightly sucky so coming down from the high of that fic is depresssing D:

3) I started it but never got into it beyond a few chapters - need to go back sometime :)
Glad you're feeling better! I missed your link-filled posts. ;)

Hm, I shall have to try out Perry Moore's book. Thanks for the rec!
Ooh, The God Eaters! I remember reading that and loving it years ago. I'm also a big fan of his Metanoia webcomic.
LOL That author is hilarious! Love it! I'll make sure to read it! And wow! I discovered a new site! thanks! =]
The God Eaters is actually pretty old, isn't it? o.O I read a good WHILE ago. I liked it because of the steampunkish aspect.

Have you read Wicked Gentlemen? It's great. <3

I read Hero cause you rec'd it and I sent a copy recently to scrtkpr and she LOVAGED it too. :)))))))))))
I'd seen it a while ago but always in passing reference and I don't think I ever stumbled upon the story online before. Wicked Gentlemen was good :3 YAY FOR HERO LOVIN' \o\o/o/
Pssst, I heard that Stan Lee wants to make a comic on a gay superhero because he was inspired by Perry Moore's Hero. I tried to find more on this info but I'm at lost as to where.

So are the cast really confirmed for Avatar?

GG released a sub of Hetalia. Get it over at Tokyo Tosho. Not sure on the quality as I haven't downloaded or watched.
8. I don't know if you've read this one, but it's the best original slash I've read so far. Granted, it co-joins to of my favorite genres, slash and FBI (meaning mysteries), but I like to think it doesn't make me too biased when I recommend this. :) It's a five "book" series called Shadow of the Templar. It's really, really good! ^^
Hey, I read Hero thanks to your rec and I loved it! So here's one back at ya; the Nightrunner Series. The first book is called Luck in the Shadows. It's a fantasy scenario involving magic, intrigue, rogues, spies and, haha, the lead just happens to be gay though it's not mentioned in the summary. I have to LOL at all the people who finally get it and exclaim, "I wondered why Seregil always commented on how handsome he thought Alec was..." It's a very good read, but then, I'm biased towards stories involving thieves.
Heya! Thanks for the rec, though I have to admit, I have the first book and am planning on finishing it in the next few weeks (have had the book for a year or so but never got past the first 40 or so pages *shrugs* - just need to sit down and read it through :3 Right now its one of 4 books I need to read, along with Diana Gabaldon's Lord John book 1, Dresden Files book 1, and Firebird by Mercedes Lackey :3

Am super glad you liked Hero btw! It's a favorite of mine that just clicked from the get go (and was an impulse buy) Though now you have me wondering how you stumbled onto this post hahahaha