anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Totally pointless but...



Have also gone back to my spring/summer version of my default icon :3

Edit: Most popular fandoms/categories:

Stock: 30 slots
Naruto: 19 slots
Text: 17 slots
Avatar: 11 slots
Disney: 10 slots
FMA: 8 slots
Soul Eater: 6 slots
Oofuri: 6 slots
Western comics: 6 slots
Far east asian celebs: 6 slots

About half of all my userpics are from anime/manga/comics/cartoons

The userpics cover over 40 different fandoms :)
I am so jealous. Just the thought of managing to do that alksdja;skd I keep getting closer but then realise I don't care about JE so need to delete like a 1/3 and can't make myself do it. XD
OMG, I used to have a majority of SPN icons during season one, and when I moved on, it all ended up getting removed and everything was so...empty D: I try to spread the icons out across fandoms, text and stock now :)