Goss (gossymer) wrote,

animes of the weekend...

Am marathoning The Twelve Kingdoms and its actually better the second time around 'cause I know who the asshat!characters are this time and its easier to ignore their bouts of insanity and general melodrama.

Though I wish there was a sequel series or two that expanded on the other kingdoms and stuff. It's very different from standard anime fare - which has its drawbacks definitely in the form of WTF!moments, but it can be quite refreshing too. The character development is fab and you really can't predict where the storyline is going.

Also got into the new anime, Ride Back which is a weird mix of racing, mecha...and ballet moves? Not as hokey as it sounds...okay, it might be, depending on how the series develops. But the way the motorbikes work reminds of of Rook and her transformer!motorcycle in Robotech. Forget gundams and transformers, as a kid it was all about the VR-038-LT Light Cyclone for me XD

Personally, Rideback is an easy anime to keep up with, 'cause I'm a sucker for sports/racing/hobby anime (even watching stuff like Yakitate!Japan which was about nothing but...bread) so I'm not sure if it actually would work for others. Sports!anime is a guilty addiction of mine.

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