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Question Icon Meme

Question icon meme snagged from kirarakim

1. How do you feel right now?

Super restless and odd :(

2. What's your favorite pass time?

3. Do you consider yourself a strange person?


4. What's your main fandom?

Not actually in any single fandom at the moment though lurking in a couple. I've been listening to Avatar episodes for the past 2 days...and I've been rereading Hajime no Ippo but it's not a fandom of mine per se.

5. OTP?

It kills me how little we see of Zuko and Toph together ;_;

6. How do you describe yourself?


7. How do others describe you?


8. What's your favorite icon to use that's not default?

I can't decide >_>

9. Do you havean icon of your future husband/wife?


10. Do you have an LOLWHUT icon?

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In other news, Dev Patel in Avatar = Sokka in my opion, NOT Zuko. Though I don't really thnk he fits either character that well. Failboat!casting continues.
- (Anonymous)
When it comes to accents, I don't think it would be that big a problem to change it for a role - but Zuko!Dev just does not click in my head - Sokka!Dev does. They kicked McCartney out due to scheduling conflicts with his concerts >_>
- (Anonymous)
Im happy they're introducing people of color into the main cast, but I don't know how they manage to screw even that up. Dev!Sokka would have been awesome :3
Cool meme =D

and wait, what? I thought Jesse McCartney was playing Zuko? Dev Patel is better than McCartney but I can see what you're saying - he'd make a great Sokka, they actually look alike XD
McCartney went out the door due to scheduling conflicts (his music concerts etc.) - Dev definitely works as Sokka in my head but as Zuko there's a part of me screaming "Noooooo!" Zuko always seemed far east asian and being south asian, I find this incredibly weird

Edited at 2009-02-05 01:58 am (UTC)
He should have gone out the door a long time agon considering a) he looks zero like the character he was supposed to play and b) knew nothing about the series itself -_-

I know what you're saying - I wonder why they just don't get Dante Basco to play Zuko. Hes already the voice actor, looks just like him, and I've seen him in actual movies before, he can act. This baffles me @_@

Edited at 2009-02-05 04:19 am (UTC)
I think Dev would be better as Sokka though Sokka would then have a Brit accent and sound much posher than regular Sokka. lol.
I'm sure he could change the accent around, but I always pictured people of far eastern asian descent for fire nation folk and maybe south asians, latino etc. for water tribe peeps. Oye.
With Avatar, there is such a rich diversity of nationalities in it.

The director is only picking and casting actors he thinks is suited to play Aang, Sokka, etc. I have nothing against it but I feel that he should have searched further and wider. There are so many other actors out there, most unknown who might just fit into the role much better than those actors who are mainstream.
At least he's better than Jesse McCartney. Though at this point I'm just thinking it would be better if they just scrapped the whole thing. :/
- (Anonymous)
It's a marvel comic - runaways or another one, can't quite recall ^^

Just vouched for you so go ahead and submit the join request ^_^