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Minstrel!Sheldon FTW

[001] Oh god, I adore The Big Bang Theory:

There once was a brave lad named Leonard,
With a fie-fie fiddle dee-dee,
He faced a fearsome giant,
While Raj just wanted to pee

And the episode opening was fabulous - their cinema!selection process is amaaaazing...and green lantern's ass LOLOLOL

[002] On that note, new movies I'll be trying: Push, Coraline and Fanboys...but not sure if I'll be going to the cinema or getting them through alternative means >_> Live right near one of the local Alamo Drafthouses now though, so that would be fun :) Still, would rather just save on the money...

[003] Sometimes you stumble on art that isn't the best, but the idea is fab - Toph as Hellgirl is one :) On the otherhand, there's gorgeous art that I wish had some fandom tie ins. Oh and I definitely like Zuko's hair short XD


[004] Do the Avatar DVDs come with commentary? I was thinking of getting them via the library if they do - especially for The Blind Bandit, The Runaway and the finales of seasons 2 and 3. But if not, nevermind

[005] The Starfighter online comic has graphic sex scenes in the latest few pages and *drools* Ok, I admit it, most yaoi is simply wank material for me. SO. HOT.
OMFG NATSUME FANART! *squeals and fangirls* There is just NOT enough of it around. D:
NATSUME IS TOTAL LOVE - I keep checking daily for the next episode to get subbed D: Come on episode 5!!!

At least, someone else has subbed it and put it up on onlygoodanimes.com! I watched it earlier today!
SRSLY? I've been searching tokyotosho in vain! Oh but wait, streaming tends to suck big time for me since I moved D: Have to wait, bah
NOOOES. Damn that sucks! I find for me that streaming it is faster than downloading, hahaha.

Also! To spread the Natsume love~ I found via a natsume comm some calendar wallpapers! socute.

Oh and apparently I can download the episode from OGA! I'm downloading it now as I type this. If it's not a bust I'll upload it for you so you can download it.

Oh and on a side note, I have totally started reading The Starfighter and now EAGERLY await new pages.
Oooh, such spiffy walls! Let's see if I can use one for an icon :3

\o\o/o/ An upload would be awesome! Though I'm sure the vid will be up in another day or two *hopes*

The Starfighter comic is so different from the usual webcomics I stumble acros - the art had me all *_* from the get go, and the two guys actually have chemisty :D Not sure if I've ever seen a slashy!webcomic like it ^^
I know! I was surprised when I saw them. The May-June one was just put up, so I'm going to say it's safe to assume they're going to do them for the full year, which will be awesome.

No problem! I'm uploading it right now. :D

I don't really read a lot of webcomics but this one just had me right from the beginning. I can't wait to see how it develops!
\o\o/o/ That's absolutely fine, thank you! Was debating whether to hit the sack but now I'll be staying up for the next hour :3 WOOTWOOT
It's totally worth it. Most adorable ep so far for the 2nd season. xD I swear, each ep they intro a new cute boy to Natsume.

<3333Tanuma though. Seriously.
I am counting down - only 15 mins to finish! And yes, the boys are part of the reason I always tune in haha XD
This ep is definitely one of my favs for this season. xDD You'll see why about halfway through that ep. xDD
I am so glad that you recced Starfighter a while back :D I've been enjoying it ever since.
How can Starfighter not be wank material when it's HOT as Hell?!?!
I am forever grateful that you recced it. ^^
Ah, this is the third time today that I see a reference on The Big Bang Theory. My friend is trying to get me into watching it, but I'm watching so many tv shows already! I guess I'll have to start with it, though. :)

Coraline! I'm really looking forward to that movie. <3