Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Minstrel!Sheldon FTW

[001] Oh god, I adore The Big Bang Theory:

There once was a brave lad named Leonard,
With a fie-fie fiddle dee-dee,
He faced a fearsome giant,
While Raj just wanted to pee

And the episode opening was fabulous - their cinema!selection process is amaaaazing...and green lantern's ass LOLOLOL

[002] On that note, new movies I'll be trying: Push, Coraline and Fanboys...but not sure if I'll be going to the cinema or getting them through alternative means >_> Live right near one of the local Alamo Drafthouses now though, so that would be fun :) Still, would rather just save on the money...

[003] Sometimes you stumble on art that isn't the best, but the idea is fab - Toph as Hellgirl is one :) On the otherhand, there's gorgeous art that I wish had some fandom tie ins. Oh and I definitely like Zuko's hair short XD


[004] Do the Avatar DVDs come with commentary? I was thinking of getting them via the library if they do - especially for The Blind Bandit, The Runaway and the finales of seasons 2 and 3. But if not, nevermind

[005] The Starfighter online comic has graphic sex scenes in the latest few pages and *drools* Ok, I admit it, most yaoi is simply wank material for me. SO. HOT.
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