Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Filters for communities

[001] Since I discovered the default friends view filter, I've been considering adding in more comms for watching and just splitting them up into secondary filters like when I made my icon comms filter.

So I created the "media" filter for music downloads and a few scanlations and stuff - I also made all three filters public: default | icons | media - so now anyone can view the filters :) The catch is that some friends and comms in the filters are f-locked, so unless you're a friend/member, you still won't see them :(

[002] Need to go through the posts on butterwing for downloads and also go through the affiliates post on ongoingmelody for undiscovered shiny sites. Oh and definitely need to catch up with reviews and recs on drugtrax ♥ ♥

[003] Am oddly excited about G.I.Joe - the Baroness is frickin' awesome. At the same time, I'm horrified by Street Fighter. Kristin Kreuk =/= Chun Li. WTFWTF. And when I think Vega, the image in my head is this or this. Argh, definitely not wasting money on the movie. G.I.Joe when compared, looks super decent. And hey I always liked Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor, so I can't wait to see him as Destro :)

I guess the big movies for me this year are: Star Trek, Watchmen, HP6, G.I.Joe and Wolverine. Transformers 2 isn't exciting me much.

[004] Oh yeah, completely forgot but a few nights ago I had a dream that featured the Gundam 00 pilots and at one point Tieria was undressing but before it could go ANYWHERE I woke up 'cause I was cold.

DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT. Haven't had a good p0ny dream in ages. Though on the other hand I haven't had a very graphic nightmare lately either. Active imagination is not always a good thing - the most recent horrifying dream was being in a pool at night and getting killed by the girl from the Ring ;_; Wish there were a way to just get the pr0n filter activated in my head and skip the horror >_>

[005] Finally watched the whole of Wolf's Rain and I'm a bit confused about the ending. So did everyone die and then they fastforwarded in time to when all of them are living in a city (reincarnation/next life or something?) and Kiba is running for a Lunar flower?

It's kinda lame but I'll take that over the alternative, which is another "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies" ending. Bloody hell, I wish these shows came with warnings so I'd know when to avoid them or when to stop watching. Death!endings suck.

[006] Fab FMA news: the new series will have Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya back as Ed and Al!!! sharona1x2 pointed out the article. It starts on April 15th and I CANNOT WAIT, OMG
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