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General Anime Recs

This is for anyone who is interested in trying out some anime titles :)

Top Two Favorites
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Action | Family | Adventure | Humor | Drama - go from anime to manga so you can enjoy both :) [ uploaded it here  - just join the comm! ]

  • Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances): School | Slice of Life | Romance | Humor - one of the best school!animes around, good character development, super funny and favorite romantic couple EVER! [ uploaded it here ]
Other Favorites (listed alphabetically)
  • Beck: Music | Slice of Life - a complete surprise!favorite and one of my most rewatched shows. The development of a band and so much more :)

  • Oofuri (Big Windup): Sports | Slashy - sports with lots of sortof!slash moments :) The main character is not your typical protagonist (a bit of a scaredycat haha) but somehow that became a positive rather than a negative for me as I watched it ^^

  • Gakuen Alice: - Humor | Cracky | School - light and fun, the main character is a foil for the other characters who are AWESOME and hillarious

  • Mushi-shi: Supernatural | Life - the art turned me off initially but it's brilliant - the stories form a tapestry of life *_*

  • Natsume Yuujinchou: Supernatural | Slice of Life - you can watch this with slash goggles :) [ uploaded it here ]

  • Nodame Cantabile & Nodame Cantabille - Paris :  Music | Humor | Cracky | Romance | Slice of Life - my second favorite romantic couple! It also made me develop a new apreciation for classical music. The japanese drama version is also worth watching for the incredible crackiness :)
This is 'cause I just updated my completed anime list and thought it might be good to have this around as a pointer. There's something for everyone out there and it just depends on what genre and style of anime clicks for you.

You can download from anime_downloads or galanime or watch them streaming from various sites (just google them)
Omg that's such a good price! I would have figured 2-300$ for one .. *SAVES UP*

xDDD I want caramelldansen!Natsume! D: With Natsume, Tanuma and fox!boy dancing! Omg that would be so cute xDD

That .. sounds really interesting! I will definitely have to give it a try. I loooove supernatural/paranormal stuff.
I got it off amazon and applied for the amazon credit card at the time to get $30 off (originally it was $150) but yes, defnitely under 200! In a few months it'll probably hit $120 :)

FOX!BOY DANCING EEEEEEE! That was the episode I couldn't stop grinning everytime I thougt about the series for the next day - so damn cute gah

It's super unique but also has a similar feel to Natsume so \o\o/o/
That would be a sweet deal.

FOX!BOY! I hope there's more of him this season. He is just so darn precious and adorable! I loved the end episode with the fireworks watching. The only thing that could have made it MORE perfect is if Tanuma kissed Natsume .. *sighs*
All the boys in that last episode was like a super special almost!orgy hahahaha - any kissing would have made me sad for the other boys who don't get any action tho - so this way, everyone won actually ^_^

Your icon jcdjhjfshjdks - I get pervy thoughts whenever I see that sequence :F
There .. SHOULD be an orgy .. with as many pretty boys that come into the picture ..

HAHA I KNOW! I almost keyworded it as "Natsume blows" ahahah xDDD
It happens in my brain all the time - I'm watching the anime and there are all these 'behind the scenes' moments in my head where smut ensues hahaha

Aaah, if only there WERE filler episodes like that ..

They would be available in online form only and with credit card identification for people over 18 mwhahaha