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Comics, Manga & Profile Designs...

[001] Abel's expression in the last frame of Starfighter's new page 34 *_* (extremely NSFW)

[002] Posted up the desktop profile design on noveltybox. And guys, there are 555+ peeps watching the comm since it opened in Dec \o\o/o/ WOOOOOT

[003] I'm creating a Reading Checklist for Long Manga - at least the ones available in english for 20+ vols. That way, if anyone if looking for a long, meaty series to sink their teeth into, they can keep track of their progress on it :)

The format for each title:
[ ] Title Goes Here --- link to mangaupdates // complete or ongoing // # of vols or chaps in ENGLISH

And people can rate the titles like this:
[ + ] Reading & Like it in some way since you're reading it (even if reading has stalled!)
[ - ] Dropped & not going to continue reading - tried but stopped since its not your thing
[ X ] Not Interested (AT ALL) and will probably never read it.
[ A ] Tried an alternative verion of the title (anime, OVA, live action, movie etc.)

And they can add ★ to the end if they like the manga enough to rec it to others :3

Still trying to sort through titles and figure out which ones fit though. Here's a list here for now. Ultimately I think I'll list all ongoing series with 20+ vols in english and completed titles with at least 25 vols in english.

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