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Clubbox help?

Umm, open question - does anyone know how to download files from clubbox?

I wanted to try out an old k-drama starring Chae Rim that's called Four sisters and the only place wth files is here. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get downoads started ;_; I'd kill for MU links *sigh*
I googled clubbox and these were on the first page of results. Guide 1 -
Guide 2. Maybe one of those will help.

Although, apparently if you're not using IE it won't work.

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Hmm... I can't find it in any of the usual places. It used to be on CrunchyRoll, but apparently it's been licensed, which makes things a little more difficult. Do you know who subbed it?
Not sure ^^ It's available on DVD with eng subs but there are only 4 copies in the libraries across america. And on amazon its at least $50.

I'll probably follow a guide and try dl-ing it from clubbox next week or so >_>