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*crawls out from under rock*

ETA: Meant to add this in *headdesk*:

Chiaki and Nodame are cosplay!love

[001] Ack, it's been almost a week since the last time I posted >_> Not really sure why though, apart from feeling pretty sleepy this week - a design of mine got selected from a bunch of peeps at work which made me all \o/ last week but this week had me focussed on getting bugs out and getting the colors schemes just right - with mixed results. And me on photoshop = not realizing what time it is till I check the clock and it's 5 in the morning ^^

[002] The good thing though was that I was able to play a lot of korean dramas in the background - a lot of it was pretty blah but each had its moments. Have added them to the media log :)

[003] Also got in some exercise, which involved playing Right Round by Flo Rida quite a bit. DAMN YOU, KISS FM.

[004] Have to admit, keeping a food journal still hasn't stuck, even after a month of doing it. Still, I'm feeling happier about my food choices (though also far more guilty when I deviate). It's impossible for me to get rid of ALL the sweet stuff though, so I do small peach or pear yoghurts and those fat free chocolate puddings once in a while.

[005] I knew Koo Hye Sun from the korean version of Boys Before Flowers felt familiar but it was only after watching Seo Dong Yo again that I remembered she played that girl in the artisan!group. Her role there was MUCH better IMO. Not sure if that means her acting skills are worse now or if she was miscast.

Surprisingly, when rewatching Seo Dong Yo, the female I was most interested in was Heo Young Ran who plays the sister of the villain - the other princess, who gets rejected by Seo Dong. Went looking for other dramas with her but it looks like she gets typecast as the secondary female in love triangles in various dramas (the girl who gets dumped/becomes evil) *sigh*

[006] Note to self: keep an eye out for when Princess Ja Myung Go starts airing :)

[007] Forgot to post this earlier but sharona1x2 shared a fabulous anti-valentine's day picture by kitana_bradford featuring Heero and Duo here, which goes with sunhawk16's story here. Honestly, it was the best part about Valentine's Day, lolol.

[008] Shirts to get from Threadless: Partly Hungry Skies | Eclipse | There's no I in TEAM | Slinky + Escalator = Infinite Fun | SQUEEZE ME

[009] I want a "Rocks fall, everybody dies" t-shirt to wear to movies and stuff. I submitted it to Threadless' Type Tees but...might look into making one from an online shirt store or something.

[010] Just in case people missed it, there's Gundam 00 Valentine's Day art featuring Lockon and Tieria by maxdasuki *_*

[011] Don't know why but over the past few weeks I've been feeling incredibly disconnected from the flist D: How are y'all doing? What's up (or down)?

Also? Ep 7 of Zoku Natsume is out, AND I believe the CD that the ending theme Aishiteru is on came out, but I haven't downloaded it yet but I'm sure it's the not a ED version.

Oh and a great place to download the anime (and any other that comes out, I've been getting other eps there for a few weeks now) is To download or stream you have to sign up, but it's free so pretty worth it *signed up* xD

I just downloaded the CD for Aishiteru actually haha ^^

Gonna go check Anime-ds then! I usually just look for sites that have links to MegaUpload since that way I never worry about having to pay them for access :) ADS seems a lot like galanime - a section with MU links and one for paid users

Of course, if the site is like then the huge selcetion of titles makes up for the $ price tag ^_^ Will go through the title listings!

Am totally on a Korean Drama binge at the moment though - am downloading Time of Dog and WOlf, Iljimae, Return of Iljimae, Three Dads and One Mom and the last eps of Hong Gil Dong and The Kingdom of the Winds >_>
Haha nice! I have yet to get it, I want the song tho xD

I think the eps are hosted on their site. I also use anime-sensei for downloads and streaming. I finished D.Gray-man downloading from their site, but I had to install a RealMedia player and codecs to watch them since they upload in rmvb >< which I had to do since it was the ONLY downloads I could find for the series that didn't have fucked up audio or didn't cancel out on me.

I am waiting for the Korean 'Antique Bakery' to come out subbed. XD I heard it's supposedly better than the anime and the live action Japanese version. xD
Antique Bakery!!! Has it started airing? I remember posting the trailer for the Korean version and was all *_* 'cause it looked totally slashy, unlike the Jap version.

I could mirror Aishiteru's album to MU and send the link over if you want :)

RMVB D: I tend to back away from them since the quality isn't as good a the AVI format usually. Never realised DGM was so hard to find though! Usually check anime_downloads, galanime and anime-plus and the titles are normally available on at least one of the sites...
I don't know! D: I saw the trailer for it too and I heard it's a lot more slashy than the Jap version. There's kissing! :D But I have no idea if it's aired yet. D:

That would be amazingly awesome! :D

Ugh I knooow. I went to anime_downloads but the downloads kept timing out on me! WTF? I don't even know what was up with that, but after 3 tries I gave up and got the player and codecs for the RMVB and just downloaded them from anime-sensei. The quality was really good, actually. A lot better than it was streaming the last ten eps, where the visual was WAY ahead of the audio. It drove me NUTS.
Looked it up, and it seems like its a Korean movie, not a drama D: Still, the subs might be available on d-addicts or on torrents...

Will PM you!

If its MU, I've recently noticed that if I add multiple files for downloading, the links expire within a minute if the download doesn't start. SO I click 8 or so files to download, then pause them, click the next 8 files, pause them...and then after the entire list is ready, I resume all the downloads at 2 at a time. Not sure if its just an issue for me or if others have also been having an issue like that.

Most eps downloaded are easier on the eyes than streaming, lol - streams usually keep pausing for me :(
Yeeees, I hope it gets subbed when it comes out. I hope it does at least. ><

Yay, thank yooou! *downloooooads*

Actually I seem to have no problem downloading from MU =\ The place I was downloading from originally was from .. Rapidshare or something, I don't know.

I usually do streaming if I can just because it loads faster than the eps download. XD I was streaming DGM for awhile but when the eps got shitty with the audio and visual, I resorted to downloading. Though, the RMVB seems to download a LOT quicker than AVI's or MKV's and with the codec I can play it in Windows Media Classic and it seems to work just fine and the quality of the eps were pretty good. I might see how other series' eps are, it might've just been a good quality release by the sub group too.
You haven't missed much, I think. Since you just snatched that CD download. lol. If you like, I also got Sakamoto Maaya's album. Just let me know.

As for anime, have you watched Bounen no Xamdou yet, bb? It recently ended so you can probably marathon all 26 episodes.
I snagged Maaya's album off bittorrent earlier (during that desperate search for Aishiteru, haha) so I think I'm good - gonna see if I can add the albums to my mp3 player so I can cook while listening :3

Noticed several rage!posts about the ending for BnX which has me iffy about it - how's it go? Will it have a sequel season like the Tower of Druaga? And...any main character death? 'Cause I was just looking up spoilers for Iljimae's ending (since I wanted to catch up) and found out that the other series I was catching up with, Hong Gil Dong is the one with the "Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies" finale. Soon I'll need warnings for everything I watch >_>
IMO, it's a wonderful series. It was subtle and quiet, without much of the OTT-ness you see in other series. It does get confusing what with the Tessik, their religion, Xamdous and stuff but don't let that put you off into watching. Give a try and see how you'll like it. For me it was the beautiful animation, music and how each character grew. ^^
It's impossible for me to get rid of ALL the sweet stuff though

I don't think you should have to. if you like sweets and deprive yourself totally, you'll most likely end up binging at some point. That's why I find something small that fits into my plan every day. Usually it's a sugar free pudding, although now I've found lower carb ice cream. *is in heaven*

I would suggest limiting fruit to only once a day. Fruit is good, but it has lots of sugar and carbs. Berry fruits are the best.

Good luck!