Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Slashy picspams anyone?


[002] If y'all have had even the mildest interest in the new show Legend of the Seeker, there's a gorgeous picspam over here

[003] _jems_ is my latest discovery for media!shiny on LJ. Lots of picspams and stuff posted. It was this particular kissing!picspam that made me all *_* - I blame the multifandom collage at the end which includes Colin Firth and several big name romances from TV shows :3

Though I did notice a definite lack of Boy on Boy Action D: Where are the super high quality picspams with slashy action from popular TV shows like Queer as Folk, Torchwood etc.???

[004] sharona1x2 pointed out a lovely Duo fanart by papermoon86 Usually I'm not one for black and white, but this one just works :)

[005] If y'all have ever wanted to work on the codes in your profile bios, here's an easy tutorial!

[006] I found my reccing disclaimer from 2007 and I just wanted to point it out to anyone newer >_> I like to rec things that are IMO, spiffy but I know stuff isn't going to click for everyone. Still, if it makes a single person go ♥ - it's all good :3

[007] Yay for the new page 36 of Starfighter (note: extremely NSFW)

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