*runs, does not walk, to fave* ZMG.

eta: How do you do this preview image thing in your journal from da?

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It's the embed section under the image - just copy/paste :) THough I usually end up saving and making my own mini version later XD
Oh lol, I see it! I was trying the "share/blog this" button and that just creates a small thumbnail.
Oh my God, I LOVE that. For reasons I can't explain. But I do.

...I also miss HP.
Oh wow. The childishness of the handwriting really speaks to me on such a gut level. I mean, HP is a book I picked up when I was 10 and haven't ever put down, so it just sends me flying back into the joy of reading the first books when I was younger.
You always manage to make me so gleeful in seconds, its ridiculous.

Love Harry Potter indeed!