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Movies and Dakota Fanning :)

[001] There's a new post on IHC with the korean movie version of Antique Bakery! I posted about it here (with the trailer) back in November. If y'all don't have access to the comm, I'll upload it if there's interest :3

[002] Hell froze over - I downloaded Twilight (the movie). What pushed me to finally get my hands on it was the possibility of Dakota Fanning in the sequel movie, New Moon. The movies may suck balls, but I'd put up with them to watch her act *_* Though I haven't actually watched the first one yet so let's see...I can safely say that in any case, I'll never read beyond book 1. One novel far more than enough to make me gag.

[003] Ended up rewatching Taken which was the miniseries that made me first fangirl Dakota, I think. Am in the process of upoading it now XD

[004] Am going to hit the cinema on Friday for Watchmen - even if the ending is a "rocks fall, everyone dies" type. Anyone else excited about it?
Going to see Watchmen on Sunday! :D Previews look... fucking glossy. I'm looking forward to some serious eyecandy.
Oh, I want to see Watchmen!

And Twilight is an ok movie, certainly not the best, can get the whole gist of the story with just what's in the movie. I never read the book (refuse to), so the movie was enough for me.
OMG. You- you *gurgles incoherently*

I love Taken. Heaven help those who got in my way of watching it that time every week. I threw a tantrum if I didn't get to watch it.

Me, me! I want to watch it but it's not playing here yet so I'll go and watch Pink Panther 2 first.
Would REALLY appreciate a link to the Korean AB movie, since IHC isn't taking new members. =\

Where do you download your movies from? I have been searching for a few movies but I can't find them (and I can't torrent due to sharing my connection with other people).
Twilight = fail. I can't even bring myself to say "epic", it's that fail. It's

When I read that Dakota might possibly be in New Moon, I actually got kind of interested in seeing it for something other than laughing my ass off. Just thinking about Twilight is cracking me up.

I am so excited for Watchmen! I have been bouncing up and down on the couch every time the trailer comes up in the commercials.
... what character will Dakota Fanning play? I know the characters, although I haven't read the book.
Oh my...

::can't breathe::

I've been searching up and down for Antique Bakery since it premiered and been trying to get into just to watch it. If you could upload it, I would be soo happy!
I'd love to see Antique Bakery! I kept hoping someone would post it, but there doesn't seem to be any interest in it on my flist except for you.
\o/ I just posted it up ♥ Gonna see it tom and then watchmen the day after that \o\o/o/
I'm going to see Watchmen on Friday too! I only even heard about it a week ago and I'm already chucking a giant fangrrl spaz—IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

Yeh and Twilight. Just no :P
[002] I'm even a fan of the (first two) books -- don't judge me now! -- and I haven't even bothered to see the movie yet. LOL It looks so bad it wouldn't even be craptastic.

[004] Today is the first day of a movie-festival in my city, so though Watchmen is more like a cult-thing up here in Norway they are showing it at 00:01 tonight/Friday morning. I would go tonight if only I had some other friends geeky enough to wanna see it. ^_^ Like it is now, I'll probably end up seeing it alone one of these days. Über excited though! Jeffrey Dean Morgan owns my soul, so he's an awesome bonus!
We're gonna go see Watchmen on Saturday in the IMAX theater, six stories wide and eight stories high! Very psyched.