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[001] Listened to clips of American Idol and my top three favorites at the moment are Allison, Anoop and Danny - with Kris and Adam somewhere in the background, sorta. Let's see how it goes >_>

[002] norton_gale pointed out this photo which is the closest Tom Felton has ever looked like Draco Malfoy, I think XD

[003] This fanart of favorite couples didn't even have to fully load for me to guess all the fandoms except one (Corpse Bride, which I've never seen)

[004] Saw Watchmen. Should note that for once, I didn't actually LOOK for spoilers beforehand - though I did hear that the ending wouldn't be positive per se. The problem was, the trailers and promo footage actually show most of the best bits of the movie...so I didn't find myself all that excited. Figured out the villain midway through and while the ending was different, the movie failed to make an emotional connection.

The person who made me go \o/ instinctively was Jeffrey Dean Morgan but his character did not allow for much of that either :(

I have this feeling G.I.Joe might actually give me a bigger high when it releases - 'cause even if it might be formulaic, I might feel more for the characters. Watchmen on the other hand? Kinda left me cold. And I don't think it was worth a trip to the cinema D:

But I want screencaps of those opening credits - best part of the movie!

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