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If its all so very tl;dr...

If you've heard of Race Fail '09 but keep getting scared away by the many, many posts - that probably cross a HUNDRED by now - here are two summaries:

wistfuljane has a great short set of links to both RaceFail '09 and the Fail!casting of Avatar.

If those links to dozens and dozens of posts (that go hand in hand with a helpful timeline) don't quite click, here's another starting post and another linkspam

Also would like to point out two posts by deepad over here and especially this one: White people, its not all about you, but for this post it is

And at the end of the day, navia's post here made me laugh >_>
Sure, no probs :) There are so many posts but deepad's seemed to ring partcularly true for me :)
Thanks for this. I had read a little about the Race Fail, so the links are much appreciated.
WOAH. I freely admit to having been under a rock.

What's your take?
YAY FOR THIS. Your organizational skillz are teh awesome. Now to spam it to everyone who's been commenting with 'Racefail, bzuh?'
It's hard to figure out where to start reading with RaceFail '09 but ultimately, even if peeps don't have time, just reading the summaries would be eye opening >_>

And wistfuljane's post reminded me that Race Fail 09 and Avatar's failboat casting are in some ways very much the same thing