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Quicky Q

[001] The best part of the Watchmen movie - the opening credits - can be seen here in high quality and is worth watching in fullscreen view- thanks to rhymeswithmagic for pointing it out!

[002] Blogger's Rights & Legal Gide for Bloggers - a bit of an eye opener for issues when it comes to blogging...

[003] For future reference, is there a way to mirror posts onto a new comm without friends of the comm getting their flists flooded?
I thought backdating the entries (/date out of order) made them not show up friends pages? Maybe it only works for personal journals, or maybe it's changed since the last time I did it (like 3 years ago). If I had my own comm for testing purposes I would try it, but I have none =\
I'd always assumed I could backdate for comms...until I tried doing it and it threw up an error D: Doesn't seem to be an option ;_;
Nope, not an option, but there's a suggestion for it to be one. I guess the only thing to do is make the posts private or locked first? Do mass privacy settings work on comms? :/
Haven't looked into mass privacy setting yet - just spend 10 minutes unlocking the posts individually ^^

Will probably open the comm on Tues or Wed at which time, the older posts should hopefully be burried >_>