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What's your powder & foundation?

Some of my cosmetics/toiletries are almost over which means a shopping trip for replacements.

Currently I'm using Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation from Estee Lauder (here) and Prescriptive's Virtual Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder (here)

The foundation stays in place until I wash it off, though by the end of the day my face does get a bit shiny so I guess the powder doesn't quite counterract oily skin.

Which got me to wondering what make up y'all use - especially if you have oily or combination skin. I need a guide for How Not To Look Like A Brown Light Bulb.

For the few other south asians on the flist, what do y'all use to get balanced color - have to ask since the skin pigment around my eyes is darker than the other areas of my face D: It runs in the family unfortunately.

My sister swears by Bare Escentuals - but I've noticed loose powders have a tendency to get everywhere, especially with me.
I'll totally second the Bare Escentuals. I freaking love that stuff. It doesn't give me acne, it doesn't ever look cakey or shiney, and it blends my skintone soooo smoothly. Their eye makeup is to die for, too.

(Provided you use something like Urban Decay's Primer Potion first.)

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also being one to suffer from the oily/combo skin i love bare escentuals. my mum put me onto it a few months ago but my best friend has been using it since it first came out and absolutely swears by it. i also find that loose powders get absolutely everywhere with me. but the trick is to follow the directions on how to apply - and, don't wear a top when putting it on. :) or at least - not the top you intend to wear that day.

good luck! i know finding the right foundation is hellish.
I'm not South Asian, but I've heard MAC's selection of powder and foundation is wide enough to cover women of all skin tones. They also have concealer in several tones which you can blend under your eyes.
I second the MAC rec! I'm not South Asian - Filipina - but I never found a colour that worked for me until I hit the MAC counter. I'm super-oily and like the Studio Fix powder foundation, Select concealer and Blot powder for touch-ups during the day.

(Yeah, I didn't mean to sound like an advertisement there. <_<)
Thirding the MAC rec here. I'm black, and it's hellish finding colors that work AND won't blow the bank AND won't be too oily. Matte MAC foundations and powders are most definitely a good bet; all you have to do is be willing to try them out and see which degree of, er, matte-ness, works for you.
I use Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse. It's ok? It stays on long enough for school, then it looks kind of gross. D:

Though I kind of suck at it, so maybe that's it? I've always wanted to try MAC, someday!

Oh, you know those foundations that are like in 100% organic cases? Those suck so bad! And they leave your face smelling's unexplainable.

I love Bourjois' foundation, but it's not really my colour so I blag it by using my sisters Avon bare minerals powder.

MAC is also good. Bobbi Brown is specifically designed for darker skin tones, so yay!!

Also, concealer ftw. Benefit have an excellent concealer, only thing it now begins to dry out my skin. So I just cake on the foundation/powder. :D
I'm using Revlon Colorstay at the moment and I like it. Before, I used Everyday Minerals mineral foundation which I also liked, but at the moment my skin needs something liquid-y because of some pimples that need to be dried out...
I got Bare Escentuals and loved it, but then I tried Bare Naturale by L'Oreal (half the price) and liked it even better. It's not as dry as BE and gives a softer, more natural look. Plus, it doesn't fly everywhere when applying (a problem for me too).
I used to use Bare Escentuals, but I have really dry skin, so it kind of makes it flaky. Now I use MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, which is $26 a bottle, but well worth the price. Actually, looking at my makeup right now, the only thing that I don't use by MAC is my mascara. (It helps when you have a friend that works there!)